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Canon REALiS SX6000 Projector Canon REALiS SX6000
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Street Price: n/a
Weight: 18.7 lbs
Aspect Ratio:4:3
Lens Shift:H + V
Lamp Life:3,000 Hrs
Lamp Cost:$579.00
Warranty:3 year
Connectors:  VGA In, DVI Digital Input, HDMI 1.3, Network, RS232
Video Formats:  480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p/60, 576i, 576p

Canon REALiS SX6000
SXGA+ Projector Review

Bill Livolsi, February 20, 2013


The Canon REALiS SX6000 comes as a reminder that 4:3, long the dominant projector aspect ratio, still has an important place in many environments. From the schoolhouse to the training room to the hospital, many folks still rely on 4:3 projectors. The SX6000 is a modern, high-resolution projector that produces a clear, sharp, bright image with excellent color. While black level does not rival that of the best home theater projectors, it is more than sufficient for the display of data graphics and technical diagrams in mild to moderate ambient light.

Lens installation is unusually complicated, but you only do that once. And there is no Eco-mode to extend lamp life for those who might want that option. These limitations, however, do not take away from what the SX6000 is truly good at, which is the display of high-resolution content on a large screen in a bright room. If you need these things in 4:3 aspect ratio, the SX6000 is an excellent choice.

Review Contents: The Viewing Experience Key Features Performance Limitations

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