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Casio XJ-UT310WN Projector Casio XJ-UT310WN
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1800:1 Contrast Ratio
3100 Lumens
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CASIO XJ-UT310WN Short Throw
LED/Laser Hybrid Projector

Marc Davidson, June 16, 2014

Set Up

For my tests, using a 92-inch diagonal image at the native 16:10 aspect ratio, the front of the projector was 14" from the screen and the window that serves as the lens 9" farther away.

The projector weighs 12.1 pounds, making it light enough to move from room to room, with or without a cart. However, it is best installed permanently. As with any ultra-short throw projector, getting the image geometry and focus right is tricky, because you're too close to the screen to see the effect of each adjustment. It helps to have someone standing behind you who can see the whole screen at once and tell you how it looks as you make changes.

The obvious choice for installation is to put the XJ-UT310WN above the screen with Casio's optional $200 wall mount. However, you can also put it on a flat surface below the screen, which is how I tested it. Either way, the lens offset puts the closest edge of the image--meaning the top or bottom--about 18% of the picture height below or above the projector.

For setting up on a desktop, you can move the image up or down, and adjust yaw, with two adjustable screw-on feet near the back plus one in the front. You can then adjust keystone, if necessary, with the remote.

Connectivity. The XJ-UT310WN's side panel includes a typical set of connectors.

2 VGA IN (for RGB or component)
1 S-video
1 RCA composite
1 USB A (for the included Wi-Fi Dongle or for reading files from a USB key)
1 VGA OUT (monitor loop-through)
1 USB B (for direct USB display)
1 LAN (for image and sound and for controlling the projector over the network)
2 Stereo mini plugs (each paired with one VGA)
1 RCA stereo IN
1 Microphone mini plug input
1 mini plug stereo OUT
1 RS-232 (for external control)
1 micro USB (for transferring files and custom splash screen to the 2GB memory)

Review Contents: Viewing Experience Set Up Key Features and Test Results Conclusion

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Reader Comments(2 comments)

Posted Mar 9, 2016 1:02 PM

By Scott

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There is an easy to install Wall Mount, with a Paper Template that shows you exactly where on the wall to install the mounting bracket. This is the way to go! It mounts the projector several inches above your smart board, and slightly off-center of the board to center the projector lens on the board.

Posted Feb 25, 2016 7:14 AM

By Allen

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I have a client that wants to have this projector installed from the ceiling. It will be projecting onto a 87" diagonal smart board. How long should the down pole be on a 9' ceiling with board 32" from the floor?

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