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MimioProjector: Interactive Ultra ST Projector Review

The first DLP projector to offer interactivity without any loss of brightness...

Epson VS220 -- 2700 Lumens for $359!

This small, 5 lb. portable projector pumps out 2700 lumens of light at the very attractive price of just $359, the price of many picos these days...

BenQ MW519 Classroom Projector Review

BenQ's very low priced 1280x800 projector, the MW519 offers a 2800-lumen brightness rating and moderately good portability...

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New Epson Classroom Projectors Answer Changing Classroom Technology Needs

Look out for two projector series from Epson designed for the K-12 classroom. The Epson® PowerLite® S17, X17, and W17 are said to be bright, easy to use and affordable even with HDMI connectivity and optional wireless connectivity. The other series includes the Epson PowerLite 97, 98, 99W, 955W, and 965 classroom projectors with advanced network connectivitymore
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Epson BrightLink 485Wi Short Throw Projector Review

New top of the line third generation ultra short-throw interactive projector, the Epson BrightLink 485Wi makes earlier models look like design prototypes...

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ViewSonic PJD5223 Won't Hold Keystone Settings

We have quite a few of these projectors in our classrooms but one in particular is giving me issues. It is ceiling mounted and, being that the projector is not perpendicular with the screen, I needed to adjust the keystone to make the image fit onto ... more