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NEC NP-M282X Optoma W306ST Epson Home Cinema 8350

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NEC NP-M282X Review: XGA DLP Classroom Projector

A low-cost, high-performance XGA projector for the classroom that costs only $629...

MimioProjector: Interactive Ultra ST Projector Review

The first DLP projector to offer interactivity without any loss of brightness...

Epson VS220 -- 2700 Lumens for $359!

This small, 5 lb. portable projector pumps out 2700 lumens of light at the very attractive price of just $359, the price of many picos these days...

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Epson BrightLink 485Wi Short Throw Projector Review

New top of the line third generation ultra short-throw interactive projector, the Epson BrightLink 485Wi makes earlier models look like design prototypes...

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Acer Announces S1383WHne Short Throw Projector

Short-throw technology projects clear and large images up to 300 inches diagonally from just 10.9 feet from the screen, maximizing placement options. A 3200 ANSI lumens brightness, WXGA (1280x800) resolution and 13,000:1 contrast ratio create vivid visuals. Built-in 10W speaker delivers ample audio. Remote control capability via a local area network (LAN) enables facility-wide monitoring and reporting. Top-loading lamp design enables quick lamp replacement in just a few simple steps

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Classroom/medium size room projector recommendation

I am looking for a projector for wildlife/natural history photo educational presentations in classrooms and small to medium size rooms. Light in the room would vary. I would like the sharpest representation of my photos that I can get for the money... more