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Experiments on Video: Kinect and Project

The background music sets the tone for this eerie use of the Kinect for live 3D capture and overlay projection using a Hitachi XGA projector. The screen is holographic-- a "Transscreen"™ developed by Laser Magic.

Projectors in Perspective

I have an increasing fascination with projectors in art. This video presents an interesting perspective on perspective so to speak. When you watch, understand that the camera is tracking the eye movements of the viewer in the room and software computes the corresponding angle of his view and projects it onto the concrete cube--the very section of the area the sculpture is actually blocking. The effect is that the cube appears to be transparent.

Immersive Exhibits with Projectors and Projection Mapping

The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England recently opened what is to be a permanent AV installation that will highlight the depth and breadth of the Museum's collections. Most intriguing is the manner in which the creators conceived of this 3D wave that culminates in a "Puffersphere" spherical projector at the far left. Looking at the geometrical complexities of that structure, video mapping the wave was likely quite a feat.

The Power of a Projected Suggestion

I love the artistic mind. This video conveys in its minimalistic brilliance psychosociological truths about which volumes have likely been written. It is fun, it is deep, and it begs me to investigate the power of projectors in crowd control.

Reach Out and Touch a 3D Projection

As we've touched on in other posts, the next milestone in 3D technology will be the creation of an interface that will allow a user to actually manipulate 3D objects. This video features a Russian company, DisplAir and their prototype of such a device. Using an infrared camera, projector and fog, users can use movements such as pressing, dragging or swiping to interact with objects.

Pedal to Power-Up the Projector

In an effort to make us think about and connect with the energy we consume, Adam Walker's Magnificent Revolution was born. Their first traveling Magnificent Cycle in Cinema took place in Notting Hill this past summer. Riders on stationary bikes generated enough power to drive a projector and audio to support an audience of about 50 or so viewers. It is a good reminder for us not to take our luxuries for granted--that something as seemingly innocuous as watching a film requires considerable energy consumption. Just ask the pedalers who had to work for their film rations.

Saks Fifth Ave 2011 Holiday 3D Projector in Action

This projection mapping installation at he Saks Fifth Avenue store in New York City is of special note because the show runs every night for five hours from November 21st until January 6th. As such it is the longest running video mapping experience found anywhere. The Snowflake & the Bubble has grown and been refined for the 2011 holiday shopping season. While we can't recreate the snow, smells and general mystique of New York City at Christmastime, this little video clip can you there for a minute.

The Next Step Toward Collaboration via Projector Phone

We have been following the evolution of pico projectors from their inception. At this stage, as pico technology is embedded in products from kids toys to mobile phones, this video is more about what's to come next. Researchers from the University of Duisberg-Essen have obviously listened to the conviction of so many smart phone owners who make statements such as "my entire life is in this phone." This is a bulky prototype of a telephone system that uses projector phones to provide the means for an interactive interface that would allow instantaneous sharing and collaboration far beyond that which can be achieved via voice communication.

Projecting a Human Face

Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen (TUM) Institute for Cognitive Systems are working with Japanese scientists to give robots a human face through the use of 3D projection technology.more

Video Mapping on a Mannequin-Who Needs Expensive Models?

I have covered many examples of 3D projection mapping in this space. But the video below features LCI Productions out of the UK demonstrating the technique on a shop mannequin. I stopped to ponder over just how innovative this truly is and the kind of impact it could have over a wide swath of industries.more