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Water Screen Projections

I wish I'd have seen this video over the summer when it was created--it would have been posted immediately as a stunning tribute to the power of projection mapping. Created by Klip Collective to celebrate the athletes of the US Olympics Team, I'll post it now at the close of the year as a tribute to the amazing athletic accomplishments that transpired in London during 2012. You'll see the full gamut of projection mapping techniques including building projections, mobile projections from a moving vehicle, and pretty incredible water screen projections on the Boston Harbor.

Only an iPhone5 Concept.....but Definitely Creative Projection

I can't help it....I secretly search for and eat up Apple rumors. Those rumors became especially applicable to the projector world when the word was that Apple headquarters was registered as the admin contact for and we touched on it in the Pondering Pixel. This of course came a year after the rumor that the iPhone 4 was going to have an on board pico projector. That, of course, never happened.more

Mapping the Curves

For strings lovers the affair begins with a admiration of the instrument's silhouette. The gorgeous design of a double bass inspired this projection mapper, Jacques-André Dupont to use a spacial scanner, a tool from the box of the MadMapper himself that uses calibrated projection and photography to “scan” a three-dimensional object's position for mapping purposes.more

Mixed Projection Mapping

This Yoav David projection mapping event was commissioned by the Bet Hagefen gallery in Haifa. It is especially interesting because it mixes an analog and digital approach or, to put it another way, technology and live action. There is also a distinctly Middle Eastern flavor that is very appealing.

Interactive Music by way of Glockenspiel and Pico Projector

I am the first to admit that prior to viewing this video, I was completely ignorant as to the definition of Glockenspiel. But then a closer look made me realize that I'd seen one before, or at least something like it in a marching band at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. But that's not the reason I'm sharing this video. Creative Projection readers will appreciate the kind of creativity required to enlist the services of a pico projector and develop this interactive musical experience


The word "palimpsest" is from the Latin palimpsestus meaning something like scraped clean and used again. In this video a projector cast images onto the floor and the artists respond to those projections creating live sketches, drawings and video projections using graphite sequencers to translate them into techno rhythms and electronic pulses.

More on the Icebook

The Ice Book, which we covered in a recent post is a miniature theatre show made of paper and light. The projector is a most integral component. This particular video shows viewers two worlds--one with and one without light.

Sony PS3 Projection Mapping

When production company The Found Collective was given the task of creating a new kind of projection mapping for Sony Playstation, they did not disappoint. They used live puppetry, 3D tracking and pyrotechnics to create three different vignettes from popular films. They were also kind enough to give those of us who cannot get enough 3D projection mapping a glimpse into the world of research and development.

Projection Mapping at Wonderland Park

It takes Four Christie Roadster S+20K 3-chip DLP®projectors equipped with Christie Twist Pro™display to dazzle the millions who visit Canada's Wonderland Park where‘Starlight Spectacular’ – a 9 ½ minute projection mapping display brings Wonderland Mountain to life each evening.more

Theatrical Installation of Paper and Projections

This is a theatrical installation made of paper and projections.
The creators originally sought to create a full blown, life size theatrical performance that would mix video projections with live actors to create a totally immersive experience.more