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Dec 4, 2014 Steve from Virginia, USA
I had bought two SP-LAMP-020 lamps and realized the filter screens were placed on the wrong side of the housing. I simply asked Mendtronix to supply two filter screens and it would be no trouble for me to do the job myself placing the screens on the correct side. The filter screen can’t cost the company more than $5, and this is on a $400 lamp. Yet, Mendtronix refused, constantly stating the lamp is fine, after I had already shown them a diagram of the OEM lamp from Infocus, the original manufacturer, clearly showing the filter belonged on the opposite side. Mendtronix’s error never troubled me, but the steadfast denial of the error was delusional and the refusal to simply send 2 screens was ridiculous. I wish I had bought the lamps from another sales associate. I don’t fault Mendtronix as much as the rep I had to deal with, whose name I won’t mention out of respect, even though it was incredulous the basic lack of professionalism and respect shown by the rep throughout the whole process. A very simple to figure out and easily correctable error actually dragged on for 4 months through denials and lack of response.

The first month, I simply asked whether the filter belonged on the other side, as I noticed one of my old lamps had the filter on the opposite side. After one month of Mendtronix saying they were looking into it, but still getting no answer, I found out myself by contacting the original manufacturer. I then emailed the rep this info and for the first time simply asked for the screens so I could place them myself on the correct side. Within 2 days of my request, Mendtronix replied stating they had now spoken with multiple people on the issue and found out that the filters were correctly placed, even though this contradicts the evidence of the diagram from the original manufacturer I had just sent to them. How odd it was, after a month when the rep was unable to contact any technicians to find an answer, to all of a sudden the rep is supposedly getting multiple answers from the technicians and the vendor within a 2 day window. Given this odd timeline, it certainly seems as if the answer from the rep was disingenuous and simply made up, all as a matter of making excuses not to send 2 inexpensive screens.

This was such an easy and simple fix in terms of Mendtronix not having to deal with any labor, I’d be fine fixing it, and the low cost to the company of just sending 2 inexpensive screens. It makes me wonder what excuses the rep makes up when technical issues of a greater magnitude come up. Mendtronix’s error in this issue is indisputable given the diagram and facts supplied by the original manufacturer. The issue would’ve been very easy and simple to correct. Unfortunately, dealing with the rep’s delusional denial of the error and the resistance to such a simple solution was incredulous.
Reply from Mendtronix, Inc.:
First we would like to apologize that this customer felt they had a poor experience with Mendtronix. However, this lamp model has been one of our most popular. In fact, we provide one large commercial company with 40 SP-LAMP-20 lamps every couple of months and have not had a single complaint in the 1.5 years since this customer purchased the lamps.

Mendtronix takes great pride in consistently providing high quality lamps and repairs to all of our customers. We look forward to all customer inputs and appreciate this customer’s comments as well.
Sep 18, 2014 Nancy from California, USA
COMPANY: FirstWatch Solutions Inc.
Our Hitachi CP-X1 Projector quit working. Mendtronix did the trouble shooting and reported that the system board would have to be replaced. Due to the cost of the board, we decided to replace the broken unit with a new projector. Mendtronics shipped the projector back to us at no charge. This company's customer service is excellent and easy to work with.
Sep 2, 2014 Kim Miskowicz from California, USA
Susan was so incredibly helpful and thorough in troubleshooting whether or not I should repair my projector or purchase a refurbished one through Mendtronix. She gave me many options in a very timely manner all the while, with my multiple questions and needs, maintaining great customer service. Please give her a big bonus this year!

Aug 4, 2014 Maureen Vanarnhem from Ontario, Canada
COMPANY: MellowOut B&B
ORDER NUMBER: 267924981101
Purchased filters for our church's audio projector. Could not get them in Canada, tried for 5 months, even going back to our original retailer where we purchased the projector and they were not able to get the filter for us. Susan at Mendronix was so helpful, in finding the part and then shipping quickly. Thanks.
Jul 30, 2014 Robert Patraw from Alaska, USA
Mendtronix serviced my JVC DILA 7 projector. They were always available for questions and were timely in the repairs. They not only built confidence through their customer service but clearly know the equipment well. The repair was completed and although I have lost some confidence in my JVC I have great confidence in Mendtronix
Jul 17, 2014 Dan Lawrence from Washington, USA
COMPANY: Lightspeed Design
Mendtronix is my go to facility for out of warranty repairs. They were able to repair a very old projector for me which I was very happy about. It took a long time to get parts, but I don't blame them for that. I was amazed they were able to get parts at all.
Jul 16, 2014 Andrew Guastaferro from California, USA
Fantastic service with accommodating assistance!
Jul 3, 2014 Chris Standish from Minnesota, USA
Our business has used Mendtronix for in and out of warranty repairs on a monthly basis for several years. Their turn around times are consistent and the workmanship is reliable. As projector dealer, installation/integration provider as well as an Authorized Service Center for some projector manufacturers ourselves, we have always been very pleased with the services of Mendtronix.
Jul 3, 2014 Jack Dixon from Massachusetts, USA
Repair services provided by Mendtronix, Inc. have consistently met or exceeded expectations. From the ease of placing a repair request, the consistent communications from the company during the repair process, and follow-up afterwards.

Our company owns a variety of makes and models of LCD and DLP projectors and having a single source for the repair of these units has made my job much easier.
Jul 2, 2014 Richard Garcia from California, USA
Mendtronix has been servicing our School Districts projectors and has done a phenomenal job. I highly recommend and will continue to use there services for years to come.
Jul 2, 2014 Nelson White Systems from Maryland, USA
Mentronix is fast to reply with any and all concerns that we here at NWS have. I can call or email my rep with all the information to send a projector in for repair and they have been the fastest at getting a quote to us and then having it repaired once approved. Their online system to approve or decline the repair is very customer friendly.
Jun 25, 2014 Visual Sound from Pennsylvania, USA
Projector repair 267924976299
May 21, 2014 Stephen Lockhart from Maryland, USA
We had a need for a repair, and had to have this completed as soon as possible due to a presentation we had to provide to senior management. Susan Williams went above and beyond to ensure our projector was received, diagnosed, and repaired before the date of this presentation. She was able to overnight the shipment to us without issue and the projector is working perfectly. Susan needs to be rewarded for her efforts, as she definetely went above and beyond our needs to ensure our happiness.

Thank you,
Steve Lockhart
May 1, 2014 Amy Holley from Georgia, USA
I had my projector fixed. The young man in woodstock ga was great when I dropped it off and Belinda Gordon has been great in keeping me updated on the projector. I am very pleased so far. I hope that when I pick it up today, the vertical lines will be gone:)
Apr 14, 2014 Kathleen from Colorado, USA
Provided honest repair and sales advise, which actually helped me with the decision to NOT repair the item. This company even recommended some brands and places to buy new ones that could beat the prices of what they had in stock. Excellent experience with this company and I would highly recommend.
Apr 1, 2014 mallen386 from Oklahoma, USA
ORDER NUMBER: #267924968228
Servicing an Optoma HD70. Optoma will no longer service the HD70 model. I live in OKC, which is a nice-sized city, but I am unaware of any local shop that has any special expertise in working on digital projectors and I didn't want to take it to a random computer shop. So I hit the Internet and found Mendtronix. I shipped my projector to Mendtronix's GA facility. The process was easy to understand. The website updated as my projector went along the process. They took a little longer than it should have to diagnose and fix, but they made that right by knocking off my shipping charges. Under $300 to fix a projector that was inoperable. This was especially helpful because the projector is mounted to the ceiling in my home with custom mounts, so buying a new projector would have been very expensive and I would have had to re-mount it. Highly recommend Mendtronix!!!
Feb 26, 2014 Shaun P from California, USA
I had a Panasonic PT-AE7000 and had a small piece break that was part of a larger block and asked a couple of times if they were able to source the part before I sent it in. I knew that if they could not get the $100 part on its own that paying $3500 for the block was not feasible. After asking several times they asked I send it in, and so I obliged. I sent it in and waited, after a couple weeks, I had imagined they were swiftly working away. To my dismay they lost my order. I contacted the rep who said they would have someone expedite it. Several days later I received a bill stating that it was not feasible to fix and that I should just pay the $95+39 shipping to have them send it back. I received poor customer service from this company. My order was an out of warranty repair, so I imagine that may have lead to the slightly poor attention to my item. They sound very reputable if your doing in-warranty.
Reply from Mendtronix, Inc.:
Mendtronix cannot express enough how sorry we are for this customer’s poor experience. Unfortunately the projector was placed in the wrong status, which caused a longer turnaround time. We know that an error like this is unacceptable and have made significant changes since this error occurred in June of 2013.

We are constantly trying to improve our communication with customers. However, we are not able to diagnose a unit or discuss specific parts and pricing before a projector is evaluated. The charges we are able to discuss prior to receiving the projector include our labor fee, the diagnostic fee (which is waved if the customer decides to repair), and return freight charges.

After our diagnostic of the projector, we discovered that the parts needed to repair the optical block were not available on their own. Therefore, the optical block needed to be replaced at a much higher cost. Unfortunately, the availability of certain parts is beyond our control and left up to the manufacturer. Since the customer declined to have the projector fixed our total charge included a $65 diagnostic fee plus a $29 freight charge to return the projector.

Mendtronix takes pride in treating every customer, whether warranty repair or not, with the same great customer service that has built our 16 year stellar reputation. We are very thankful for all of the feedback we receive and are constantly tracking and analyzing it in order to provide the best service possible.
Feb 13, 2014 Debbie Folz from Pennsylvania, USA
Susan Williams was fabulous! I was so frustrated calling around to try to get my projector for our smart board fixed and as soon as I got Susan on the phone I felt like she took control and I had no more worries. She guided me through the process of getting the projector to Mendtronix and when I had questions I felt comfortable calling her knowing I was with a competent hands!
We got our projector back in less than 10 days (and that is with all the snow we had in Philadelphia) and it is up and running!!

Thanks again Susan! ( And NO I do not know her!)
Feb 11, 2014 Donna VanFleet from Nevada, USA
We sent our projector to Mendtronix for a repair. The customer service was very friendly and professional. The accounts manager was very helpful. The repair was done quickly and we are extremely satisfied. Will contact them again when we need service on other products. Thanks
Dec 17, 2013 bs from Texas, USA
ORDER NUMBER: 288-267924950835
I ordered two SP-LAMP-016-C bulbs from Mendtronix for an ASK Proxima projector, I was told (in a previous phone call) that the bulbs were in stock and could be shipped immediately. I ordered the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The bulbs were not shipped until the following Wednesday, because Mendtronix didn't actually have the bulbs in stock, but "ordered them from their supplier" when they got back from Thanksgiving. Thanks to that delay, the shipment was then delayed by UPS for several days resulting in the total time from order to receiving the bulbs being 20 days.

During a time when the shipment appeared lost, thanks to UPS delays, I said that I might have to buy bulbs from another source. Mendtronix reply was to let me know that they would be charging a restocking fee if I refused the shipment when it arrived. Very classy. Jerks.

When the bulbs finally arrived, I found that one of the bulbs had not been properly put into it's bracket and the bulb and spring clamp that held the bulb in place were loose. I was able to fix it myself, but quality control is obviously not something they care about.

I would never use or recommend Mendtronix, formerly Projector Doctor, (you know, sometimes companies with bad reputations have to change their names a lot).
Reply from Mendtronix, Inc.:
We are very sorry for this customers’ poor experience. Unfortunately this past winter caused many delays with many carriers beyond what we have experienced in the past.

We offered a replacement for the damaged lamp; however this customer preferred to fix the problem himself. We do not know if this was a problem with our supplier or shipping damage, but in an attempt to make up for the time and effort this customer put into fixing the lamp, we refunded him a large portion of the lamp. This is a very rare occurrence and we stand by all of our work and products by providing the longest warranties in the industry.

Due to our great reputation, Mendtronix has been expanding our services to other electronics as well as logistics. The name change was in order to better represent our expanded portfolio beyond projector repair. All of our reviews from when we were Projector Doctor are still showing and available to view.

Again, we are very sorry for this customers’ poor experience with us. Mendtronix is always looking for ways to improve, so keep the reviews and feedback coming! We truly appreciate all of your feedback.