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Feb 19, 2015 Don B from Saskatchewan, Canada
AS the previous two reviews I had the same problems. Ordered on Dec. 23 and finally received the bulb Feb. 18. When ordered the web site stated the bulb was in stock (that is why I ordered for this outfit) and also a very good price on a genuine Panasonic lamp. The reason for a 2 rating and not 1 is I actually received the bulb that was in fact backordered.
The main problem with this supplier is lack of communication. I ordered and received an immediate reply to the order and not another peep from them (according to their web site they will keep you informed of your order, not true). I noticed that the lamp was charged to my visa immediately (not like most reputable internet dealers who charge when shipping takes place). Even when the bulb actually shipped I had to e-mail Kevin to get a tracking number, upon receiving the number finding out it was shipped the week before. Just a few e-mails would have left me much less frustrated. For example follow these steps rather than all the excuses, this would make for a happier customer!
1. When I ordered let me know that the lamp was backordered and supply an ETA.
2. Give me the option to cancel or wait.
3. Charge me when the bulb ships.
4. Supply a tracking number when shipped so I, in fact know it was shipped.
If these 4 steps had been followed I would have rated the about a 4, not 5 because of the long wait. This seems to be a one man operation in the office as stated in a previous review and I think this guy needs office help.
Feb 3, 2015 Though from British Columbia, Canada
ÔÇťOrdered a lamp 31st Dec 2014, paid for expedited shipping, lamp was listed as in stock and ready to ship, by Jan 13th I had enough and called to cancel was told to send an email, 3 days later he shipped the lamp! Now is wanting to debit a restocking fee and shipping costs from me.

Awful customer service, gives you the run around, and is rude to boot.

Avoid this guy at all costs! I still haven't received my money back and its been a month!

Jan 26, 2015 Chris Kaps from Quebec, Canada
Ordered Dec 12. 2014 and still have not received the bulb. Spoke to him a few times over the 6 week period and he kept making excuses and kept guarantying the bulb would ship in a few days. After being fed up I tried to cancel the order. The seller required an email to cancel the order which I sent Jan 21st, 2015. I received no reply or refund... I then called multiple times before getting through 3 days later (he has one phone line and answers on sales, accounting, and customer service). He told me it was being shipped that day and could not be canceled. When confronted about the cancellation email I sent 3 days prior he suggested I resolve the issue with PayPal.
His online stock is not accurate. His voicemail box is always full. He does not reply to any email nor does he call back as promised.
Basically avoid this guy he has terrible customer service with nice touch of condescension.
Apr 25, 2013 John MacPherson from Nova Scotia, Canada
I believe this fellow successfully gave me the run around long to avoid having me charge back my VISA transaction. I tried to be patient and he took advantage of my naivete. Be very careful in dealing with this guy. My impression is that he is well experienced in ripping people off.
Reply from Complete It Presentation:
This client purchased a Replacement lamp from us on Oct 12. 2012. (OVER 6 Months ago) They claimed the lamp was damaged in shipping however the box has no damage. It is our suspicion that in fact the lamp was damaged by the client and not during shipping. Regardless, we provided the customer a RMA to return the lamp. The client has not returned the lamp even after 6 Months and has threatened to chargeback his credit card payment. Our RMA's to return defective products are valid for 2 weeks. We have been operating our business for 14 years and are not in the practice of ripping off customers. Our very positive reviews speak to that. Bottom line is this client is trying to rip us off.
Oct 29, 2012 Joy McDerment from British Columbia, Canada
Purchased 2 casio slim projectors. I was surprised that I couldn't purchase them online, especially since the site has SSL. However, it was fortunate that I was able to talk to Kevin directly as he was able to have the projectors arrive the next day.
Oct 1, 2012 Dean from Ontario, Canada
I am now a repeat customer of Complete IT. I recently upgraded my Sanyo Z5 projector to a BenQ W7000. The pre-sales service I received from Complete IT was way beyond what one should reasonably expect. My wish-list of features was dealt with one by one and in incredible detail, resulting in my belief that I chose the best product, at the best price, that met all my criteria. And to be honest, I never even searched anywhere else for my most recent purchase, simply because of the service I received from Complete IT 4 years ago when I bought my first projector. Thanks Complete IT!
Apr 28, 2012 David Morgan from Ontario, Canada
The product is an XJ-A245 Casio Projector. I do presentations using this projector in five countries around the world and no matter where I am it always works great. I have used many different projectors over the years and this one outshines them all.
Apr 12, 2012 Dale Sawchuk from Alberta, Canada
Optoma HD 82 projector, ceiling mount and Grandview screen.
I knew nothing about this stuff, Kevin provided valid and very helpful suggestions and information. Delivery as promised. Performance of the setup perfect !
Mar 1, 2012 Richard Horlings from Ontario, Canada
ORDER NUMBER: 000014210
Kevin helped me get just the right projector for our church and was wililng to answer specific questions about its capabilities. He also made it easy to pick up the projector. Thanks, Kevin!
Feb 2, 2012 William Grant from Quebec, Canada
Superb service, excellent advice, expedited product well within timeframe, highly recommended.
K Benton understands his e-metier making my online experience at Complete_IT a pleasure.
W T Grant
Oct 14, 2011 rickhfx from Nova Scotia, Canada
Great Merchant I bought the Optoma HD20 Projector for a home theater. Great Projector.
Jul 21, 2011 Tony Parascandalo from Ontario, Canada
ORDER NUMBER: 00013563
Purchased Mitsubishi HC4000
Fast knowledgeable service with a competitive price.

Jul 18, 2011 sleeper32fw from Nova Scotia, Canada
ORDER NUMBER: 00013540
Purchased a HC 4000 projector with ceiling mount and cable.

The unit is amazing, very happy with the result. Kevin was fare and very fast to process the order.

HC 4000 work great with TV, PS3, and DVD player.

At this price range you will not be disappointed with the video quality of the unit or the service from Complete IT Presentation.

Another Happy Customer.
Jun 1, 2011 peck and cringle from British Columbia, Canada
We ordered a replacement bulb/lamp for our TV and the wrong item was sent. Instead of sending a TV product, Complete-it sent a projector lamp instead.

We contacted Mr. KB, who later claimed to be the owner of the btw (don't know what this is, and when asked, he refused to respond to the question).

The shipping date was Jan 12, 2011 and came from the States, not Canada, so the item had to go through Customs & Immigration. In other words, it was more expensive. This outfit claims to handle Canada customers only. Why not use a Canadian supplier?

In a nutshell Mr KB would not allow an exchange for the correct product.

Reasons varied - we ordered the wrong product so stuck with it; we opened the shipping box so would not accept a return of the product. How can we checked the condition of a product without out opening the shipping box? The actual box containing the product was not opened by us.

The communication was patronizing and very rude. I could go on about that. Suffice it to say, we are now the proud owners of a projector lamp we can't use.

Buyer beware...this info has gone to the local Sony store and the store where we bought the TV.

The Sony representative warned that there are a lot of outfits like this on the internet. The lesson we learned was to bypass 'middle men' and deal with the actual company that makes the product. In our case it's Sony. Dealing with Sony and the local store was like night and day -the reps responded immediately as did the other store. Their service was very courteous, informative, proactive and professional.

Anyone need a LMP-H150/60 (150W) bulb????

Tom Peck & Julie Cringle, British Columbia, Lower Mainland.
Dec 3, 2010 JP Bedford from Ontario, Canada
I really appreciate your companies quick and acurate respsonse to my questions regarding my projector & lamp (BL-FP180C). The shipping was extemely quick. I would recommend your services to anyone who asks. Thanks very much for everything and I am sure to deal with you again in the future.
Oct 22, 2010 Perry M from Ontario, Canada
Purchased the optoma HD20 projector at a great price, with excellent service and quick response. Recommended them to my colleagues as they were also looking for a projector. After having researched the market in Canada for over 6 months they had the best price and the product was in stock.
Jun 22, 2010 Jordan - Ottawa, Ontario from Ontario, Canada
Needed the order immediately and they turned it around the same day. Receptive and very straight forward over the phone as well. Excellent service.
May 13, 2010 Louis from Quebec, Canada
Bought interconnect cables. Great product, excellent service.
May 5, 2010 Ken from British Columbia, Canada
Was looking for an expired projector lamp and received awesome service !
Apr 19, 2010 Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation from British Columbia, Canada
Your website was very informative and useful - I liked that I could find all of the information I was looking for on the product of interest to my organization. Thanks for shipping the projector to us in such a timely manner! Daniel