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Feb 25, 2015 terry kiley from Missouri, USA
Purchased lamp for Phillips TV.
Feb 18, 2015 Nathan Haas from North Carolina, USA
Purchased 2 bulbs from company. DT00911 and DT01021. Received bulbs within two days of ordering and they worked when placed in projectors. Love the fact you can buy extended warranties with them. E-mails were answered very timely.
Feb 13, 2015 Deborah Zarn from Massachusetts, USA
Purchased Sony replacement lamps for the past 4 years from Electrified.com. We have had excellent customer service and gotten our lamps within 5 days of ordering in excellent condition at a great price. Would reccoment them to anyone owning a projection tv. We had ordered from other companies before with bad results, bulbs didn't last or came broken already. These bulbs we buy from Electrified.com are always in great shape and last longer than expected. Great comapny in the world we find it so hard to find good trustworthy companies.
Feb 12, 2015 Paul Martin from Tennessee, USA
I ordered 3 replacement bulbs for my Sanyo. When received several days ago, discovered one bulb, had an extra filament
hole inside the bulb unit??? I have tried to contact them by email and get no response??Have tried calling their home number and no one ever answers. Have not tried the new bulbs yet, do not know if they work or not??From this type of customer service, saying they have been in business for so many years, something is wrong????You should only do business with companies that have excellent caring customer service, even if price is higher!!!!Get what you pay for!!!!
Dec 26, 2014 William Bubb from Florida, USA
MITSUBISHI 915P049010 "O" Series. Great value for the price.
Dec 9, 2014 Tim from Oklahoma, USA
COMPANY: Audio Tech
Great ship time, good quality bulb. Will order again!
Oct 22, 2014 Paul Burnett from Texas, USA
DLP lamp for toshiba, fast delivery, easy ordering, safely packaged. Installation was easy with no problems, product so far has performed as stated.
Sep 30, 2014 Rick Howeth from California, USA
COMPANY: The Fathers House
Ordered new lamp for projector trying to be frugal ordered a lamp that was below quality and customer support was very informative and easy to work with to get what we needed. Thank you
Sep 19, 2014 Chuck Spitz from Massachusetts, USA

I first ordered a replacement bulb for my Viewsonic 8100 Pro from Electrified in on December 5, 2010 for $226.95. Nine months later, in August 2011, I ordered another bulb from Electrifed, thinking that I didn't want to wait the next time the bulb burned out. I paid Electrified $177.95 for the second bulb and put it on my shelf, where it sat until August 25, 2014.

After good life from the first (2010) bulb, I installed the second (2011) Electrified bulb. It didn't fire up. 2011 was my first bad bulb from Electrified.

I called Electrified and they said their bulbs only have a 90 day warranty, so I ordered a new bulb from Electrified and paid $89.48.

They sent me a bulb (2014A) which was nice and bright. UNFORTUNATELY IT ONLY LASTED 2 HOURS!
AFTER THAT IT WON'T LIGHT UP. 2014A is the 2nd bad bulb from Electrified.

Electrified requires that you pay the shipping to return a defective bulb, so shelled out another $10 and mailed it back.

They sent another bulb, 2014B. This bulb NEVER FIRED UP, IT IS THE 3rd BAD BULB FROM ELECTRIFIED.

Now they want me to pay to ship the 3rd bulb back so I can get a refund of $78.77.

The bulb I bought in 2010 for $226.95 worked well for 3-1/2 years.

The bulb I bought for $177.95 never worked.
The bulb I bought for $89.48 worked for 2 hours and died.
The replacement that I got for $10 return shipping never worked.

Now they have the audacity to ask me to spend another $10 to get $78.77 back.

I've spent $277.43 and got 2 hours of bulb use, and an enormous hassle.


Sep 18, 2014 William Fitzgerald from Virginia, USA
I was really pleased with the fast service that they provided. I ordered a projector lamp from Electrified two years ago and when my bulb went out again I went back to them. They have the best prices than anyone else.
Sep 16, 2014 Jacque Steer from Florida, USA
Easy to replace bulb instead of purchasing new assembly
Sep 12, 2014 Alfredo Dumandan from California, USA
Since the time that the last lamp provided by Mitsubishi dealership for the WD-Y65 burnt out, all my yearly replacement DNGO 915PO49010 E-Series Replacement Lamps for E-Mitsubishi 915P049010 were purchased from Electrified Discounters, Inc. I never paid extra for faster delivery because I made it a point that the replacement would be at hand when it would be needed. As always, I would receive the item on the estimated date of delivery - never failed, since 2009 (could not find the paper trail; I know I kept it safe somewhere!).
Aug 12, 2014 emmett morris from Florida, USA
Sony XL-2000 / XL2000 E-Series Replacement Lamp Always fast and friendly
May 29, 2014 James Evers from Texas, USA
A follow up review. It appears the item was lost in transit by the post office. They have agreed to issue a refund.
Apr 3, 2014 bigal2216 from North Carolina, USA
i purchased the e-jvc ts-CL110UAA lamp and housing from electrified dis. and i was very pleased with it. the company is quick to send your order out,they are very nice and have respectable costumer service people. i would tell anyone about this company. nice product,nice people and very good prices, what more could u ask for?!!! i would be more than happy to bye from them again an again!!!

Mar 21, 2014 Tom Harris from Texas, USA
Fast service. Web page easy to navigate.
Dec 3, 2013 Derek Nichols from North Carolina, USA
I am so pleased to have delt with electrified discounters that I really am at a lost for words u guys are the best after having foundout tv broke. Two days before the holiday u made it possible for my holiday to be great I take my hat off to u for the great service u provided me and have recommended your service to others who may need u thanks again u are the best:-D:-D:-D .
Nov 6, 2013 John Knorr from Kansas, USA
This was our first time to order from Electrified Discounters and I have to say it was a great experience. Thanks for making it quick and easy.
Nov 1, 2013 D BURAS from Louisiana, USA
Electrified always has the bulbs or lamps we need!
Oct 21, 2013 Dennis McHugh from New York, USA
Electrified.com about a month ago. I have used them before and found that their lamps last longer than those I had previously bought from other merchants. I usually have the lamp in my home for quite some time, after the television tells me that the lamp is reaching the end of its life, before I actually need t install it. Their website and customer service are both great. Their delivery time was speedy. I would recommend them to friends and family.
....Dennis McHugh