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Dec 15, 2015 Craig B. from Missouri, USA
I recently upgraded my projector and screen and made the switch from Elite to Carada. I purchased the Carada Criterion series 106" screen and could not be happier. From the initial communications with David to installation of the screen, this was one of the easiest things I have ever done. Carada's customer service is second to none and the workmanship of their products is top-notch. Installation was a breeze and I spent more time locating wall studs and securing anchors than I did assembling and hanging the screen. Carada client for life!
Oct 1, 2015 Kevin Hail from Texas, USA
Just purchased my second Carada screen. The first one was a 106" screen back in 2005. I originally heard about it when doing research in an AV forum. Carada was highly recommended by some guys for the build quality, customer service, and price. So I bought one and have been thrilled with it for a decade. We just sold our home and are moving into a new place that required a smaller screen so I immediately looked up Carada again and found a screen that fit my dimensions. I emailed them requesting an expedited shipment and David wrote back to me within hours and ensured that he would get my screen shipped and to my house within just a few days. It ended up being at my door within 3 business days of ordering.

I installed my new 92" screen last night and the build quality is again just absolutely perfect. It goes together easily and the materials are excellent. I couldn't be happier and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality screen at a great value.
Apr 2, 2015 Dr Paul Smith from West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Precision 2:35.1 104" brilliant white screen which was ordered and delivered to the UK within 6 days. Excellent personalised service from David, speedy delivery, well packed. easy to install due to simple clear instructions provided and a really great value product which was perfectly matched for my JVC x95.

A very satisfied customer. I would recommend any overseas customer to consider ordering direct from Carada because of the quality and value of the product and professional customer service offered by David and his staff.
Mar 17, 2015 Matt B from Wisconsin, USA
I spent months researching and researching. Finally I stumbled upon Carada and sent David an email. He responded within 10 minutes. Talk about customer service! I sent him a photo of my room set up and he suggested the Classic Cinema White.
Ordered it in 118" Criterion frame. It was delivered in 2 days! Carada does a wonderful job making sure everything is protected during transit.
Took me 30 minutes to get brackets on the wall and the frame and screen put together. I used metal EZ Ancors to hold bracket into drywall and managed to hit 2 studs, so screen is very secured.
If you are having trouble getting screen on, I used needle nose pliers to gently help out pulling the screen to push the snaps on. As long as you are careful, it sped up the process and helped save my fingers.
Awesome company and an awesome screen! Couldn't be happier with my purchase!
Jan 16, 2015 Kumar Balabhadra from California, USA
After days of browsing internet forums and deliberating on Silver Ticket, Elite, Steward, DYI using Carls blackout cloth, I took the plunge and went for Carada. I ordered a 118 diagonal Criterion screen. The package was delivered via Fedex and arrived in mint condition. Each of the frame pieces were double wrapped in plastic covers. The screen was wrapped with a smooth paper. The instructions were so clear (big difference from made in china versus made in the USA) that it took me and my 15 year old to assemble and mount the screen in 30 mins flat and I know my home building/ repair skills are at best 2 out of 10:). David Giles was very helpful in explaining the screen size, throw distance and even though I ordered the grey screen which is more expensive, David suggested the Cinema white( talk about customer service). The screen looks fantastic and needless to say I highly recommend Carada
Jan 15, 2015 Dean from Ontario, Canada
Due to the great reviews of Carada on this website, I decided to take the plunge and purchase a 110 BW Criterion screen.
Carada(Rex) recommended the Brilliant White because of the location with ambient light.
The frame quality is top notch. The pieces are machined perfectly and assembly was quite easy. Screen snaps on the back and mounts on the supplied brackets.
All in all, it is a high class look. The screen really pops with all ambient light removed.
Great company and a great product.
Jan 7, 2015 Matt from Illinois, USA
Ordering was simple and the screen was delivered very quicly in good shape. The frame is very simple to assemble and I spent most of my time preparing my wall to hang the projector (I had to space the mount out a bit to clear a window I was covering in the attic). Overall I spent about an hour getting the screen hung. The screen itself was fairly easy to snap on and stretched in perfectly. I went with the classic white as I have a light controlled room and a pretty bright projector (panny PT AE8000). I am very happy with the performance.
Oct 27, 2014 Andy from Nebraska, USA
Just purchased 118" carada precision screen with the classic cinema white screen. From ordering to receiving it took about 50 hours! The box was delivered in good condition. It took my wife and I about an hour to get it assembled and hung. The instructions were a bit generic, but if you follow them things turn out great. I would strongly recomend hanging the frame to test the mounts before attaching the screen. Attaching the screen was pretty easy. Once mounted in my dedicated home theater it looks amazing! Paired it with an epson 2030 (yes I spent more on the screen then the projector) and I am very impressed with the final look. The most impressive things with this screen were the frame quality and the fast shipping. Also, their customer service was outstanding. I requested samples of their screen materials and received them in two days. They sent paper sized samples which made it easier to decide which material best suited my needs. Overall a quality outfit, great servic great product. And made in America. I would highly recomend them to all
Oct 1, 2014 Terry P from Texas, USA
Carada 110" 1.78:1 Criterion Screen - Classic Cinema White

We have spent the last year putting together the dedicated Home Theater in our new home. We installed the projector early on and just watched on the wall, opting to invest in our speakers first. We've enjoyed it, but oh what a difference our new Carada screen has made!

Our projector is a Panasonic PT-AE8000U, ceiling mounted 13' from the screen. With our 110" screen size, I have it on Eco mode and it's easily bright enough to watch programming with the lights fully on in the room (4 75W Cree LED bulbs in wall mounted up firing sconces). When the lights are dimmed or turned off for a Bluray movie or FIOS TV, WOW! The picture is simply amazing. Colors are deep and strong, contrast if excellent, sharpness is superb. The screen surface is perfectly flat, with no ripples, bows, creases, etc.

Cinemascope movies look great; the unlit areas are not bothersome whatsoever and hardly noticeable -- certainly not noticeable enough for me to opt for a 2.35:1 screen, which I had seriously considered. Before deciding which aspect ratio to go with, I set up the automatic switching on my projector to go between a 1.78:1 HD/Bluray source and a 2.35:1 source. While it worked well, I ultimately decided I didn't want a smaller-than-110" HDTV screen, and couldn't zoom out enough for a 128" 2.35:1 screen which I needed to get the same height HDTV screen. I'm very happy I went with the 110" 1.78:1 format. And honestly, give the incredibly affordable price, I figured if I was left wanting in the future, I'd sell this one on eBay and just get the bigger one later!

The Criterion frame size is perfect for this screen size. It looks striking when the lights are on, but the "black hole velvet" wrap completely eliminates any light spill from the projector. It's sweet!

Assembly was easy, but I was grateful for my brother's strong hands helping pull the screen taut as we snapped the viewing screen to the frame. Also, we struggled with the height of the bottom bracket -- had to move it two times to get it right. Might have been user error, but I swear we measured it properly!

To avoid that issue for others, I think it would be helpful if Carada provided the exact distance from the top bracket for the bottom bracket installation height for each screen size to make the installation just that much easier. Again, I could have mis-measured, but I'm almost certain I didn't. Either way, if the distance were provided, there would be no question for the installation.

Almost forgot to mention: I wasn't home when FedEx delivered the screen, but when I got home I found my box had some slight damage from shipping. I emailed Carada with pics as a precaution, and David Giles emailed me back just 7 minutes later, telling me it looked like a pretty bad puncture, but open it up and let them know if there is any damage and if there was, they'd take care of it. Totally put my mind at ease from a customer service perspective. The great news is due to Carada's excellent packaging/packing, there was no damage at all to the frame or screen.

My price comparisons showed that Carada has the best value for my money. Comparing the Carada screen to a friend's competing "D-" brand that costs twice the price for the same size, I certainly don't see how others justify such a higher price than Carada. My only regret is that I obsessed so long on what size to get -- I should have just bitten the bullet and gotten the screen ages ago. We could have been enjoying this awesome screen six months ago!

I wouldn't hesitate a second to highly recommend a Carada screen to anyone considering a projector screen.
Sep 22, 2014 Mike R from Florida, USA
I recently purchased a Carada Horizontal Masquerade Masking System for my home theatre. Having worked in the theatre as a projectionist for many years, I have tried to create the “real theatre experience” in my home. The Carada Horizontal Masquerade Masking System helped me achieve that goal.

I am using a BENQ W6000 digital projector to provide a 126” diagonal screen image. Seating is 14’ from the screen. For several years, I have been trying to determine a practical way to hide the annoying horizontal grey bars on 2.35:1 pictures. I considered several possibilities but they all required some type of manual rigging that had to be changed for each aspect ratio. I searched the internet for screen masking systems but most required professional installation and cost which I could not justify. I discovered the Carada web site and after several visits to the site and responses from David Giles to several questions concerning my particular installation, I decided their masking systems were the solution to my problem.

The Carada web site provides details on the masking systems they sell. I especially liked the screen demo of the masking systems in operation. The web site also provides access to the Owner’s Manual which explains how to install their system. I found this most helpful. To maintain the size of my existing screen image, I ordered the Horizontal Masquerade Masking System that would provide a horizontal image of 126”.

The system was delivered by freight truck and I was impressed by the substantial crating of the system. Because of the weight and length of the crate, I had it placed in my garage rather than move it into the theatre. Since the top & bottom horizontal frame components are approximately 10’ in length, they are somewhat awkward to handle so I had my handyman assist me with the installation (which I strongly recommend). Instructions are clearly written and photos are provided for visual guidance. The masking system was installed over my existing screen. Installation took about 3 hours. No unforeseen problems were encountered.

My new Carada masking system is beautiful. The 6 ¼” black velvet masking panels certainly enhance the screen image. From my seat, I operate the masking using the remote control unit which is included with the system. When the masking is moved, it is silent except for a faint click when it stops. People who have seen the installation rave at the difference it makes in the picture by hiding the horizontal grey bars. I am extremely pleased with the Carada Horizontal Masquerade Masking System.

My experience with Carada was very positive. David Giles quickly responded to my questions and concerns about installation. I did internet research on Carada and found no negative comments about the company or their products. Their web site provides all the information about their products including prices. No need to contact your local dealer. You work directly with the company. No middle man. They do it right.
Aug 29, 2014 Scott P from Idaho, USA
Carada 2.35:1 Criterion 112 inch diagonal screen

This is my second Carada screen with the first being a Precision screen. The quality screen you get for your dollar is amazing. It has to be the best value out there for fixed projector screens. If I build another home theater room my screen of choice will be Carada. Highly Recommended!
Aug 25, 2014 Michael O'Toole from UK, United Kingdom
Consider this a long considered review. I bought an 116" Carada screen some seven years ago - it was fantastic to set up, came with everything I needed, and it is still going strong, a house move or so later. Great screen, good price, well shipped here to the UK.

David from Carada was more than happy to answer any questions I had, too.

Jul 24, 2014 Lam SFbay from California, USA
I recently purchased a 142" Carada Criterion with brilliant white screen material. Shipping was quick to California Bay Area (took about a week). It arrived in excellent condition. The screen is very sturdy and well made (made in USA does mean something!). Tried a couple of blu-ray movies and love the sharpness and popping color. The wider frame of the Criterion model also gives it a more "upscale/professional" look even without the projector on and blends in very well with other furniture in my living room.

I rarely write reviews (+/-) on any product I buy online but likes this screen so much I feel I should write one this time.
Feb 27, 2014 OwenW from Wicklow, Ireland
After hearing about Carada 7-8 years ago and reading many positive reviews on the UK and US forums I planned to upgrade from a DIY screen to a Carada in my recently constructed home cinema.

I ordered a 112" 2.35:1 Criterion screen at the beginning of 2014 and it was shipped and delivered in about a week. Any questions I had were answered quickly and it is clear that Carada are enthusiastic and rightly proud of the service and products they offer. I would recommend them highly.
Feb 18, 2014 Jeff Stryker from Virginia, USA
I purchased a Carada 110" Criterion Classic White (CCW) screen from David Giles (Carada) through Gregg Loewen (Lion Audio Video) in late December.
Pricing was very fair from both gentlemen especially after a delivery snag. Mr. Giles offered a partial refund for the inconvenience. Customer service was 24-Carat First Class!
From the very first online chat session with Carada to a follow-up email after setup I was in good hands. And I had dozens of questions - all cheerfully answered.
I love the screen - especially the solid frame, tight fabric, outstanding viewing angles, and perfect color reproduction.
Highly recommended.
Dec 20, 2013 Chuck from Georgia, USA
Carada CIH Masking System.

About 5 or 6 years ago I visited a friend who had a very nice theater but his theater had one thing mine did not: an automated masking system. The difference in the quality of the image with and without the masking system in place was startling. The contrast was so improved that I knew I needed to add masking to my theater. My first attempt was to build some panels that I could stick in place as necessary. While it certainly improved the picture, it lacked the flexibility that I wanted (multiple sized masks) and the automation of the masks that added the “cool factor” and did enhance the whole “theater experience”.

Next up was an automated system that was a MAJOR pain in the rear to install and was not without it’s hiccups operationally. It did provide two setting, however, and was certainly better than the manual approach. One of the other issues with the manual system was where to store the masks when not in use. The automated system solved that problem as well.

We recently sold our home and purchased a new home and, of course, I was going to build my last and final theater. Given my experiences with my previous system, I decided to do it right and purchase a masking system from a company who had some long-term experience doing so and also had a solid reputation. I looked at Stewart and Carada. But once I saw the Stewart pricing (they are very proud of their masking system apparently), I decided to go with Carada.

I ordered the CIH system (for a 51 x 120 screen) and when the shipment arrived and the delivery guy needed my assistance in getting this 160 pounds off the truck, I was quite surprised at the bulk.

My college minor was mechanical engineering. When I opened up the shipping container, I was massively impressed. They seemed to have thought of everything: They had threaded spots built into the system whose sole purpose was to assist in securing the various components in place for shipping. As it turns out, probably 60 pounds of the 160 pounds (those are estimates only) were attributed to the packaging and securing of the system to the container. Once I began removing pieces from the container, it was quite obvious, that this was one hefty and well constructed product (a far cry from my last automated system).

When I first read the installation instructions, I was a bit overwhelmed. Even after opening the container, I was still a bit overwhelmed. But once I took every thing out of the box, and began the installation, it was very straightforward. They have clearly put a lot of thought into this product and what the consumer must do to install it. And on the few occasions that I had any questions, David was very helpful and did not make me feel like the complete moron that I thought I was.

Given my background in engineering and my previous experience with another automated masking system, I was quite impressed with the design, implementation, construction and operation of this product.

Once I got everything connected, and pushed the buttons on the remote, it did EXACTLY what was advertised. The masks move fairly quick and simultaneously to provide both the function I needed and the cool factor I desired.

For anyone looking a a well designed, constructed and supported automated masking system, I HIGHLY recommend the products from Carada.

Dec 6, 2013 RD from New York, USA
Product: Criterion 118" Brilliant White 1.78:1.
Projector: Epson 6030UB.
Helpful consultation to choose the correct product.
Easy ordering.
Surprisingly quick to ship especially considering they are made to order.
Easy to install (two person), and ...
Fantastic image!!! My room has light colored walls, so in bright scenes the reflected light does add to the ambient, but the PJ/screen combo holds contrast exceedingly well. Can't wait to see how well it does once I paint the walls.
Couldn't be happier with screen, or with Carada as a company. Highly recommended.
Jul 22, 2013 Denis from Pennsylvania, USA
I have been wanting a dedicated home theater since I was in college 20 years ago. I finally was able to build it and started researching every component I needed to death. This lead me to Carada for what I heard was the absolute best value and best customer service. I was not disappointed. I ordered a 128" 2.35:1 BW screen. It came in a few days. When I got it I was worried because the box was a little banged up. I emailed Darald at Carada who had been helping me and he said to contact him if anything was wrong and they would fix it. Fortunately the screen was packaged well enough that everything was fine. I set it up with my Dad in about a half hour. It looks AMAZING with my new Panny AE80000u. Definitely go with the biggest 2.35 if you can ;) . Everyone who sees it is speechless and can't stop staring. Top notch company with over the top customer service.
May 12, 2013 Joe"The Irish Guy" from New Hampshire, USA
Hi folks, after looking at a lot of other screen company's on the net we decided to go with Carada.
We ordered an 88 Inch Precision Series Projection Screen - 1.85 to 1 ratio High Contrast Grey.
We were in search of deeper blacks as our old screen wasn't fulfilling this task very well.
Not the largest screen you will ever see due to the weird shape of our basement this was a perfect size for us.
The screen came perfectly packed with no damage and 20 minutes later we had it up on the wall.
Our projector is a Planar 8150 a couple of years old but still great paired up with Wharfdale Jade 3 speakers and Bowers & Wilkins surrounds.
Our first movie was Braveheart and all I can say was!
Most of the mountain and fight scenes we filimed near my home in Ireland so I wanted to see just how good just the countryside looked.
The image was mind numbingly brilliant, crisp and insanely clear and the blacks wer pitch black!
I dont know how clear the human eyeball can see but this gotta be it.
We are so pleases with this product and highly recommend that you buy from Carada.
From start to finish the customer service is top notch, they double check ones order before manafacturing and followup to check that all is fine.
Carada makes great screens at a very reasonable price point.
Now and get yourself one!!
Joe "The Irish Guy"
Apr 26, 2013 Nate Howard from Michigan, USA
For 2 years I waited patiently for the opportunity to upgrade my projection screen from a Dalite perm wall 120" gray to the Highly touted Carada Criterion BW. I was looking to eek every bit of performance out of my video experience. I upgraded my blu ray player to an oppo 93. I could not wait to pair my Epson 8700UB with a Carada Criterion BW screen. Two weeks ago my Carada screen was delivered. The package arrived safely with no issues. I inspected the screen and frame thoroughly. No material defects were discovered. I have installed my screen in my theater room. I am beyond excited about the quality of the screen and frame. The look is extremely professional. The only thing that exceeds the look is the image quality that I am enjoying while watching blu ray movies via my oppo bdp-93 and Epson 8700ub. I am using the THX mode of my projector and with your 115 BW screen the brightness difference and sharpness of the picture is obvious . The black levels are deeper. I am one satisfied customer. Thank you!!!