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Jul 14, 2010 Joanne Masri/Glenbrook South High School from Illinois, USA
I have the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Wilhelm Mack. I was a complete novice when it came to document cameras. Wilhelm has answered every one of my questions and has been extremely helpful in educating me on document cameras and projector bulbs. To date I have purchased 48 of model AverMedia 355AF. This morning my sister school, Glenbrook North, asked me about document cameras. At this time Glenbrook North does not own any document cameras, however, one of their teachers has requested information. All I did was "sing praises" about Wilhelm and the staff at Document Camera Experts. I will assist Glenbrook North when they are ready to add this equipment to their technology inventory this fall. My heartfelt thanks goes out to Wilhelm for making me the Glenbrook resident expert on document cameras. I know who I can count on. You're the best!!!!