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Oct 22, 2014 DOUG HAYDEN from Arizona, USA
bulb sent was installed, and is no better than the old one, and warning still comes up stating bulb is ending its life and we should order again!
Aug 29, 2014 John Berryman from Florida, USA
I'll let you decide if I'm being too generous, too critical or realistic. You do get what you pay for and OEM parts will be more expensive.

My correspondence with the referenced firm:

OK, I'm guessing certainly not OEM, probably reconditioned and certainly no quality control ! Why would I say this ? We both know, and I will share with the world soon.
Notice: on image 1198, the flange center right; also notice on image 1197, absence of any flange and the obvious fracture where the flange had broken off. No flange, NO POWER ! But, don't concern yourself too much, I was clever enough to switch bases. Oh, I don't have to worry about any warranty and you don't have to concern yourself about any repeat business, and yes, I will share this correspondence with the world. Thank you, John
Aug 15, 2014 Mark Sidell from Florida, USA
Called and spoke with Jennifer Brown. Couldn't be more helpful. Did an amazing job and knew what she was doing the whole way through. Much better than the competition. Will wait to get Optoma replacement lamp to determine how good the product is...the service is excellent!
Feb 28, 2014 Jenna from Michigan, USA
I have to thank for their excellent customer service. I have ordered many lamps from many companies over the years, but my experience today stands out in my mind as exemplary. I ordered a lamp late in the day Wednesday and it shipped the same day, and I received it today (Friday), so thank you for the quick service! When I installed it and couldn't get the 'replace lamp' warning to go away, I called and spoke with a young lady who was very patient and helpful, and walked me through the steps to reset the lamp timer on my projector. Afterwards, she offered to email a link to my owners manual so I would have the information on hand in the future. Thank you!!! You will be getting my business again in the future.