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Sep 8, 2017 Rose Shnider from Florida, USA
Sent out my projector for diagnostic because mendtronix wanted too much for repair. Got a call two days after they received it. I had blinking red light on. They told me its a cooling system problem. I had to replace fan and do maintenance. Paid less then $200 for service. Very happy and will reccomend.
Jul 23, 2017 Spencer I Goodman from New York, USA
Horrible I individuals with s#!t work ethic. They decided to.close early and the guy had to give me excuses and argue woth me when I told him the least they could have done was update their website or at least give me a call. I called them that same day to verify their hours and let them know i was stopping by.
I was told to leave my equipment with their mail room. As they fu nation out of a hotel room in the New Yorker building. No paper work. No proof I dropped my equipment off woth them. Sounds more like a scam to steal people's technology. I would say avoid at all costs. Not worth it