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Will Keyboarding Become an Antiquated Skill?

All current discussions around classroom technology (interactive projectors, whiteboards, iPads, smartphones, clickers, document cameras, 3D projectors, electronic textbooks etc.) must at least touch on the future of the keyboard more specifically, keyboarding as part of high school and community college curricula nationwide.

I was trained by nuns who expected nothing less than perfect penmanship. My kids cannot decipher handwriting and barely even print legibly. It seems as though these skills are no longer valued. I have a nagging suspicion that keyboarding classes will become like cursive writing and simply fade away from the 21st Century Classroom.

What's determining this? Look no further than predictive keyboards on smartphones and and touch screens on tablets. You know, the ones that anticipate what you mean to say and complete your word for you? My flying fingers are 85-100 wpm are no longer special. I need to be able to text and compose at the speed of light and accept that being "all thumbs" is now a good thing.

The Detroit News

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