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A Book Lover an Ereader Does Not Make

There was a study conducted by Harris Interactive and reported today in the School Library Journal that concluded that ereader users are more likely than non users to read more and purchase more books than those who don’t own an ereader.more

Writing Implements Come in Multiple Forms

Discussion and debate surround the Oregon Department of Education’s decision to allow “spell check” to be used by students taking the state writing exam online. Proponents claim such a move is part of the natural evolution and represents how students will write when they move on to college and the workforce. Critics see this as another example of our system of education lowering standards and caving in to technology.more

Interactive Projectors Shake up the World of Interactive Whiteboards

As much as I love the world of projection technology, I do have another life. By night that I am a rabid conspiracy theorist with an insatiable appetite for news, clues, and connecting the dots. I fought to keep my lust for intrigue at bay and to not overreact yesterday as I posted this press release from NAD—the advertising division of the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In it they discuss certain untrue and some only partially true advertising claims made by SMART Technologies, the makers of the SMART Board Interactive whiteboard and projector system.more

Video Contest with Interactive Technology Prizes

Whenever I see the word “interactive” my droopy eyelids open wide. This is likely spurred by my interest in interactive classroom projectors and how they will make interactive whiteboards superfluous in classrooms already using them and open the door of interactivity to classrooms who cannot afford the interactive whiteboards. We’ll be reviewing several interactive projectors in the weeks ahead in addition to the reviews already posted on the Dell S300wi and the Epson Brightlink.more