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Samsung Techwin Announces Contest Winners

Seven kids from across the country each earned $1000 for essays they wrote answering the question "Is technology a good investment for schools? Why or why not?” The papers were judged on original thinking, relevance to the real world, and writing quality.more

Strength in Pictures

Classroom projectors used for mathematics instruction could change the game for a lot of students. Teachers are using classroom projectors for PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, Geometer Sketchpad, and whiteboard interactivity. The use of a document camera with a classroom projector is growing as teachers aim to display and point to pictures, diagrams and lessons in textbooks.more

Deliver Us From Humiliation

Elizabeth...go up to the blackboard and show us how to solve the problem...spell the word...use proper penmanship...The list was endless.My stomach still hurts when I think about it and I carried that stomach pain all the way to grad school when I had to stand up and defend my papers and died a thousand deaths every time. Nowadays kids are told to go up to the “whiteboard” but I am certain it is no less traumatic for them than it was for me.more