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Microsoft Kinect in the Classroom

Kinect was launched over a year ago with the intention of augmenting Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming consoles by allowing users to to control and participate in games using only gestures, body movements or voice commands. What Microsoft likely never envisioned was the wide swath of people and industries that have taken a strong interest in Kinect for purposes far greater than achieving gaming perfection.more

Because Not All Great Minds Think Alike

I have a theory about the impact that will be made made by the 3D DLP projectors provided to the Shelton School by Texas Instruments as part of a pilot program to test their effectiveness in this environment. I’m especially interested in this school because of the kindred spirit I found in teacher Lauren Sanders.

She and I spoke on show floor at InfoComm about her work at the Shelton School, her commitment to and understanding of the needs of students who learn differently, and her use of classroom technology to engage the disengaged.Specifically, we discussed her use of 3D projectors and her enthusiasm for what the future holds for students with learning differences.more

A Mind that Works Like Google Images

The first time I read “Thinking in Pictures” by Dr. Temple Grandin, I realized that her experience and her campaign to share her personal story as a woman with Autism has come at a deeply critical time—when parents and educators are struggling to reach and teach the rapidly rising numbers of children diagnosed with Austim Spectrum Disorder. It was a catchphrase from her TED lecture that stopped me dead in my tracks. She said “My mind works like Google Images.”more

Picos and PECS

Technology has been enhancing lives of those with developmental disabilities for years. For this reason, I’m very surprised by the fact that as far as I can tell, the use of varied technology with children on the Autistic spectrum is quite limited-especially when a great number of Autistic children possess an uncanny attraction to technology.As such, it should become a priority to introduce and develop technology to increase or improve the skills needed for their daily independent functioning. This can include helping them with expressive communication, social interaction, attention, organization among others.more

An Epidemic by Any other Name

I’ve been a part of the AV community for a large percentage of my professional life. I’ve been a parent for a portion of that time. My greatest pleasure in life is watching my kids learn, grow and become. Until recently I could never have imagined that these two spheres in which I operate would ever converge-but they have.more