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Pico Projectors on a Mission

Once again I am happy to report on the successful use of pico projectors as teaching tools. In this case, Optoma pico projectors are one component of a custom built backpack from Renew World Outreach, a company that provides teaching tools to missionaries in the field. Co founder David Palusky utilized his engineering prowess to create these AV kits which contain compact equipment that can run off of solar powered batteries.more

Samsung Techwin Announces Contest Winners

Seven kids from across the country each earned $1000 for essays they wrote answering the question "Is technology a good investment for schools? Why or why not?” The papers were judged on original thinking, relevance to the real world, and writing quality.more

Making it Real

I read a great post by Erik Palmer in the ASCD Edge Network Community for educators with the heading "10 years in and still not with it." It was a simple post written by a teacher attending a conference and confronted with a speaker discussing 21st Century education. I chuckled at his cynicism and guessed it has been honed over a decade of attending such lectures where teachers are shown “cool new tools and barraged with lists of cool websites” but where nothing is achieved because attendees are “buried” in information.more

InfoComm Observations-Focus on Education

InfoComm 2009
Unlike the Consumer Electronics Show, where the wow factor dominates and there are new gadgets galore all tailored to the lucrative consumer market, InfoComm focuses on the technology solutions required to build audio visual and information communications systems. So the showroom floor is packed with companies offering new solutions for display and projection, lighting and staging, digital signage, collaborative conferencing and telepresence, networking, signal distribution and digital content creation. They feature products for corporations and small businesses, schools and universities, as well as the religious institution market.more

School Experiment

Like so many others, I read the New York Times story about the charter school scheduled to open in Washington Heights this coming September. It is premised on a theory that teachers—-
excellent teachers, are the critical element determining success in learning rather than revolutionary classroom projectors, whiteboards, software, administrative leadership or even a low teacher-student ratio. To that end, the handpicked teachers will make a salary of $125,000 per year (two and a half times the national average) and will even be eligible for performance bonuses of up to $25,000.more

No Time to Be Blase about Blogs in the Classroom

Blogs and blogging. It seems like such an obvious thing to me. But recently I read a short article in the New York Times (Education Section) about sixth grade social studies students at a Kentucky middle school corresponding via blog with a local soldier stationed in Ghazni City Afghanistan. The soldier and students communicate through his blog. Questions are asked, answers and impressions are shared. This was a big enough story to make the New York Times. I guess I was just a little too blasé in my reading of this article.more

Strength in Pictures

Classroom projectors used for mathematics instruction could change the game for a lot of students. Teachers are using classroom projectors for PowerPoint presentations, Excel documents, Geometer Sketchpad, and whiteboard interactivity. The use of a document camera with a classroom projector is growing as teachers aim to display and point to pictures, diagrams and lessons in textbooks.more

Technology (Like Charity) Begins at Home

When I was a highly ideological teenager bent on saving the world, my mother used to make a statement that would shut me down: “Charity begins at home.” I never understood what she was getting at until I was much older but it is clear that her message was that before I could elicit change, I'd have to live the change. I have always believed this in regard to technology and how our classrooms will truly make the jump to the 21st century ideal. Edutopia’s Jim Moulton wrote an article about this and he entitled it “Technology Integration Begins at Home.”more

21st Century Skills

I’ve been hearing the term ”21st Century Skills” being bandied about quite a bit lately. I know for a fact I heard our president using the phrase, and since then seem to run across it everywhere. The most interesting thing about the term "21st Century Skills" is the way it speaks to people in the exact voice they want to hear.more

Top of the class

If you are in the market for new projectors, you'll definitely want to keep checking back at the Education Center. Our editors have a lineup of inexpensive XGA and WXGA resolution classroom projectors in their lab for testing and review. These projectors were designed specifically for K-12 classroom use.more