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Casio Sweeptakes

I know everyone would love a chance to win a free Casio lamp free projector. This sweepstakes is only accessible via Facebook but because a classroom projector would be valuable to so many teachers out there I've decided to give it a plug. You'd actually be entering for a chance to win an Xbox console, with a Limited Edition Casio LampFree Projector, G-Shock watch & Gears of War: Judgment game. It's only on Facebook so enter here before March 31.

Video Gaming is not a Crime

I just had to weigh in on the controversy surrounding the Cub Scouts decision to offer a merit pin for video gaming. I chuckled out loud when I saw it was a CNN headline and even louder when I saw the responses from readers--most of which were horrified. I just noted the parallels to debates in the world of 21st Century Skills and the 21st Century classroom and the polarizing affect technology has between those for whom its use is as much a part of their existence as getting dressed in the morning, and those with much less techno savvy and far more opinions about the lost youth of the upcoming generation.more