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Technology That Goes Bump in the Night

Okay—I am officially creeped out because there really was something that went bump in the night last week and it was I imagine a faceless being in a black cloak passing over the homes not in possession of a Kindle reader but descending on the bedrooms of their customers to delete copies of certain titles it had sold without publisher authorization. Think about it, an unseen hand removing property they had purchased simply because it could do so-remotely and without permission. And no, the fact that Amazon credited accounts is not the issue.more

Stoking the Technology Fires

Have you been following the Kindle debate? Well the unveiling a couple of days ago of the Kindle DX e-book reader with a larger screen has business watchers, educators, students and textbook publishers all a buzz. So it should. The WSJ article I read reported that this coming Fall, a test group of university students at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve and other universities (including Princeton) will be given large screen Kindles with textbooks for chemistry, computer science and freshman orientation pre installed so that the university can analyze their experience as compared to those students using paper texts.more