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Teachers and Technology

T.H.E. Journal recently reported on an Illinois school district’s methods for infusing technology in the classroom. As is common knowledge, K-12 school districts nationwide are often challenged by some teachers accepting and incorporating the technology immediately with others failing to grasp the necessity and reverting to traditional methods.

The superindendent of Westville Illinois Community District II attributes his success to ongoing professional development as well as an IT based learning atmosphere.more

Improv on the Fly

My friend Fiona was a theater mom. A patron of high school theater, she logged hundreds of hours sewing costumes and building sets. I remember asking her recently if in the four years she was involved the crew had considered using an LCD or DLP projector to create a backdrop. I’ll never forget the look in her eyes as it was clear that no one, (including herself) had ever thought of it. This is why I'm making mention of it here.more