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High School PE Online--Yes!

A huge proponent of online learning, I’m constantly debating the naysayers who insist that students who opt into blended learning programs, or even complete online programs are somehow “not yet ready for prime time.” I finally figured out that these are people of my generation who remember the “other” high school in all of our respective school districts and equate students who opt for nontraditional programs to be the equivalent of the cigarette smoking skateboarding mowhawk sporting so called “troubled” kids who could not get through the “regular” high school. This is nothing short of ridiculous and people need to tune in to some exciting developments in educationmore

Free Thanksgiving Virtual Field Trip

Incongruous is the notion of witnessing The First Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth MA via webcast. That is exactly what close to a million of our nation’s children (30,000 classrooms) will be doing on November 16 at 1 p.m. All I can say is—how very cool.more

Blended Learning Experiment in the Bronx

The Wall Street Journal today reported on some interesting experimentation in the fourth grade at PS 100 in the Bronx. For two hours of every school day, students are engaged in instruction via laptops thus creating a kind of “blended learning” that could easily transform the way children are taught in our public schools. The idea is that some of the computer programs and classroom technology allow children to learn at their own pace giving the teacher the opportunity to offer more individualized instruction to more students through the course of the day. The Department of Education is lending a lot of financial support to the implementation of such experiments across the country in its drive toward the 21st Century Classroom ideal.more

Online Education at the Community College Level

I’ve been following President Barack Obama’s proposal for a multi-billion dollar investment in the nation's community colleges. What is reported as being a $12 billion effort, the aim is to help two-year institutions reach, teach and train more people for "the jobs of the future." The part that interests me the most about this proposal is that $500 million would go to online education. This is the only way to prepare Americans to compete in an economy where jobs requiring at least an AA degree are nearly double the number of those jobs that do not.more

Get a Second Life

To quell my nagging remorse about the PhD program I never finished (and swear I will one day), I often find myself perusing online degree programs of major universities. This will be the subject of other discussions because once again it places technology in education in the position of vanguard of a revolution. Today’s observation represents a flashpoint in that revolution. Bryant & Stratton College, a 150 year old institution of higher learning will bestow degrees upon its graduates where they earned them—online. But here’s the kicker: the ceremony will be a virtual one fully hosted on Second Life (which you likely know is a very popular Internet-based 3D virtual world).more