1080p Projectors for the Ultimate Home Theater

1080p projectors are the ideal solution for top of the line home theater performance. When making your choice, consider throw distance and lens shift features (if needed) to make sure the model you want can be installed comfortably into your intended viewing room. All models are sufficiently bright for dark room viewing on screens up to 110" diagonal. However, some are brighter and can accommodate ambient light or larger screen sizes.

LG PF1500 DLP Highly Rated
Last year LG set a benchmark by putting out a first of its kind 1080p LED lit projector at a reasonable price with the full backing of ... more»
Optoma HD50 DLP Highly Rated
With the new Optoma HD50 home theater projector, Optoma continues a trend of delivering low-cost, high quality projectors to consumers.... more»
JVC DLA-X500R D-ILA Highly Rated
The JVC X500R is a member of the third generation of e-Shift projectors. With over a thousand lumens of calibrated light output and sup... more»
BenQ HC1200 DLP Highly Rated
The HC1200 is a novel concept: it's a reference-grade 1080p conference room projector. Instead of maximizing light output at the expens... more»
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3000 3 LCD Highly Rated
The Home Cinema 3000 is an upgrade to its predecessor in just about every measurable way. A bold, bright image makes it a good fit for ... more»
ViewSonic PJD7822HDL DLP Highly Rated
The Viewsonic PJD7822HDL, released this month, enters a crowded market. There are a lot of options for folks who need a 1080p projector... more»
Optoma HD141X DLP Highly Rated
Optoma's HD141X is a powerful little 1080p home theater projector that comes at a bargain price. Powerfully bright, the HD141X lacks th... more»
Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS9600e 3 LCD Highly Rated
The Epson Pro Cinema LS9600e is one of the best 1080p projectors we've ever had the pleasure of working with. It is a complete package,... more»
Optoma HD26 DLP Highly Rated
Like many other inexpensive home theater projectors, the HD26 is powerfully bright but feature-light, eschewing many of the bells and w... more»
Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3500 3 LCD Highly Rated
The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3500 is the newest home entertainment projector from Epson and has already been attracting a lot of att... more»
Optoma GT1080 DLP Highly Rated
When the latest generation of game consoles boosted their resolution to 1080p, they left Optoma's 720p gaming projectors behind the cu... more»
InFocus IN3138HD DLP Highly Rated
The IN3138HD is the newest 1080p projector from InFocus. As a projector for classroom and business use, the IN3138HD's 4,000 lumens, na... more»

Definitions of Commonly Used Projection Technology Terms
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A DVI connector that supports analog, digital video, a USB connection, and FireWire (IEEE1394). Used primarily with Infocus projectors.

M1-DA (EVC or P&D) is 3 rows or 10 pins and looks a lot like the DVI-I except for 6 more pins. The maximum video resolution supported is 1280x1024.

Anamorphic Lens:
An anamorphic lens is a lens that has different optical magnification along mutually perpendicular radii. This provides the ability to project a source image of one aspect ratio, such as 4:3, into a different aspect ratio, such as 16:9, by using different magnifications for the horizontal and the vertical dimensions of the projected image.

The stair-step or sawtooth effect seen on lines that are not horizontal or vertical or the edge of objects in digital displays. Also known as aliasing. Smoothing and antialiasing techniques can reduce the effect of aliasing.

Infra-red Remote:
An infra-red (IR) remote control transmits in the spectrum of infra-red light, such as a television remote. Unlike RF remotes, IR remotes must point at the receiver (line of sight) or reflect the IR from the screen to the receiver. Typical range is limited to 30 feet including the distance to and from reflected surfaces.

For example, if you are controlling a projector and you point the remote at the screen which is 12 feet from you and the projector is 10 feet from the screen, then the total distance is 22 feet. Unlike RF remotes, IR remotes must have a clear path or a clear reflected path to the IR receiver to operate.

Most projectors have an IR sensor in both the front and rear of the projector, whereas, flatpanels generally have a single IR sensor in the front of the unit. When working at or near the maximum distance, pointing right at the receiver will give better results.
Current 1080p Models
(sorted by popularity)
1.  LG PF1500
2.  BenQ W1070
3.  Sony VPL-HW40ES
4.  Optoma HD50
5.  Optoma HD26
6.  BenQ HT1075
7.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UB
8.  Optoma HD141X
9.  Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000
10.  Epson Home Cinema 8350
11.  Panasonic PT-AE8000
12.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030
13.  JVC DLA-X500R
14.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3500
15.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3000
16.  Acer H6510BD
17.  BenQ W1080ST
18.  Optoma GT1080
19.  Optoma HD25-LV
20.  Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 6030UB
21.  BenQ W7500
22.  Sony VPL-HW55ES-B
23.  Optoma HD91
24.  LG PF85U
25.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3020
26.  Panasonic PT-AR100U
27.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2000
28.  InFocus IN8606HD
29.  Acer H6517ST
30.  Epson Europe EH-TW6600
31.  Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS9600e
32.  Panasonic PT-AE7000
33.  ViewSonic Pro8200
34.  Optoma HD161X
35.  Optoma HD91+
36.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5030UBe
37.  ViewSonic Pro9000
38.  Panasonic PT-AT6000E
39.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5025UB
40.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8345
41.  Sony VPL-HW55ES-W
42.  Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 4030
43.  Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3600e
44.  JVC DLA-X700R
45.  Epson Europe EH-TW6600W
46.  Optoma HD151X
47.  Acer H7550ST
48.  Optoma HD131Xw
49.  Optoma HD90
50.  JVC DLA-RS4910
51.  Epson Europe EH-TW7200
52.  Epson Europe EH-TW6100
53.  Epson Europe EH-TW9200
54.  JVC DLA-RS49
55.  Optoma HD30
56.  Epson Europe EH-TW5100
57.  Vivitek H1185HD
58.  JVC DLA-X900RKT
59.  Epson Europe EH-TW6100W
60.  Epson Europe EH-TW9200W
61.  JVC DLA-RS57
62.  Vivitek H1180HD
63.  Panasonic PT-AH1000E
64.  Panasonic PT-AT5000E
65.  SIM2 Crystal Cube
66.  JVC DLA-RS67
67.  Vivitek H5085
68.  Optoma HD30B
69.  JVC DLA-X500RBE
70.  JVC DLA-RS6710
71.  SIM2 Nero LED 20th Anniversary
72.  Runco LightStyle LS-5
73.  SIM2 Nero 3 LED
74.  SIM2 M.120 ST
75.  JVC DLA-X500RWE