1080p Projectors for the Ultimate Home Theater

1080p projectors are the ideal solution for top of the line home theater performance. When making your choice, consider throw distance and lens shift features (if needed) to make sure the model you want can be installed comfortably into your intended viewing room. All models are sufficiently bright for dark room viewing on screens up to 110" diagonal. However, some are brighter and can accommodate ambient light or larger screen sizes.

Epson 5040UB 3 LCD Editor's Choice
At $2,699, the Epson Home Cinema 5040UB occupies a unique position in today's market, delivering image quality that rivals far more exp... more»
ViewSonic PX800HD DLP Highly Rated
With a street price of only $1,299, the ViewSonic PX800HD is one of the least expensive ultra short throw (UST) home theater projectors... more»
Sony HW45ES SXRD Highly Rated
For $1999, in today's market the Sony VPL-HW45ES is a stand out performer for both dark room home theater and less formal home entertai... more»
Epson 3900 3 LCD
The Epson Home Cinema 3900, at $1,999, is the most expensive variation of three highly similar Epson home theater projectors, a group t... more»
Epson 3700 3 LCD Highly Rated
The $1,499 Epson Home Cinema 3700 full HD home theater projector is the somewhat brighter near twin of the $1,299 Epson Home Cinema 310... more»
Epson 3100 3 LCD Editor's Choice
In Epson's current line of home theater projectors, their Home Cinema 3100 at $1299 is a step up in price from the entry level Home Cin... more»
Acer H6502BD DLP Highly Rated
Pairing a 3400-lumen rating with a $699 street price--and widely available online for a bit less--the Acer H6502BD is one of the bright... more»
Optoma GT5500 DLP Highly Rated
The Optoma GT5500 home entertainment projector stands out for its combination of ultra short throw, 3,500 lumen brightness, and low str... more»
Epson 6040UB 3 LCD Highly Rated
The Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB is an all new 4K-enhanced home theater projector that replaces the earlier Pro Cinema 6030UB. Though there ... more»
Acer P6500 DLP Highly Rated
The Acer P6500 stands out as an extraordinary price value for both conference room and classroom applications. Its combination of light... more»
BenQ HT2150ST DLP Editor's Choice
The BenQ HT2150ST Gaming Projector is as perfect a projector for serious gaming as we have yet seen. It combines a rapid 16 ms input la... more»
ViewSonic LS820 DLP Highly Rated
The ViewSonic LS820 is a full HD (1920x1080) 3D home theater projector with two killer features that fully justify its $2999 MAP price.... more»

Definitions of Commonly Used Projection Technology Terms
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Closed Caption:
Closed caption (CC) superimposes a transcript of the audio portion of a video program over the program image. Its primary use is to provide people that are deaf or hard of hearing the opportunity to read a transcript of the audio as it is being played. Closed Caption is also helpful for people learning to read or learning a foreign language. Closed Caption can also be used to display text unrelated to the program being viewed, such as weather or news.

A visual artifact of trailing colors behind an on-screen object or across a screen.

HDTV ready:
A television that supports 720p or 1080i or higher resolutions and does not have a built-in HDTV tuner for off-air reception of HD signals from a special antenna. To view cable and satellite HDTV programming, a cable set-top-box or satellite receiver is required.

Compressed Resolution:
Most projectors and displays automatically accept images that are of greater resolution than the native (true) resolution of the video device. The resulting image is scaled to fit the native resolution of the video device using a variety of scaling algorithms. Not all video devices use the same compression algorithms; therefore, the quality of compression can vary. The nature of compression in a digital device means that some image content is lost.
Current 1080p Models
(sorted by popularity)
1.  Epson 5040UB
2.  Optoma HD142x
3.  BenQ HT2050
4.  Sony HW45ES
5.  Epson 3100
6.  Epson Home Cinema 2040
7.  Optoma HD27
8.  Optoma GT1080
9.  Epson 3700
10.  BenQ HT2150ST
11.  Epson 6040UB
12.  BenQ TH670
13.  Epson Home Cinema 2045
14.  Optoma GT1080Darbee
15.  BenQ HT3050
16.  Panasonic AE8000
17.  Optoma HD28DSE
18.  Epson Europe EH-TW5300
19.  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL
20.  Sony HW65ES
21.  Epson Europe EH-TW6700
22.  Epson Home Cinema 3500
23.  LG PF1500
24.  BenQ HT1070
25.  Epson Europe EH-TW5350
26.  LG PF1500W
27.  LG PF1000U
28.  JVC DLA-X570
29.  Epson Home Cinema 5030UB
30.  Epson Home Cinema 3020
31.  Acer H6510BD
32.  BenQ HC1200
33.  Optoma GT5500+
34.  Epson Europe TW9300
35.  BenQ W1110
36.  Epson LS10500
37.  Optoma HD29Darbee
38.  Epson 5040UBe
39.  JVC DLA-RS420
40.  BenQ HT4050
41.  ViewSonic PX800HD
42.  Epson Home Cinema 3000
43.  ViewSonic LS820
44.  LG PF1000UW
45.  JVC DLA-RS520
46.  Epson 3900
47.  Epson 4040
48.  JVC DLA-RS620
49.  ViewSonic Pro7827HD
50.  Epson Pro LS10000
51.  BenQ HT6050
52.  LG HF80JA
53.  Acer H6517ST
54.  Optoma GT5500
55.  Optoma HD91+
56.  JVC FH50
57.  Panasonic PT-AT6000E
58.  BenQ BH3020
59.  BenQ W8000
60.  JVC DLA-X770
61.  Epson Europe EH-TW5210
62.  Vivitek H1188
63.  JVC X5000BE
64.  Epson Pro 6030UB
65.  Acer Z650
66.  Epson Home Cinema 5025UB
67.  Epson Europe TW9300W
68.  Epson Home Cinema 5030UBe
69.  Acer H7550ST
70.  Epson Home Cinema 3600e
71.  Acer H6502BD
72.  Epson Europe EH-TW6700W
73.  Epson Pro 4030
74.  Runco Q-750i
75.  JVC X5000WE