1080p Projectors for the Ultimate Home Theater

1080p projectors are the ideal solution for top of the line home theater performance. When making your choice, consider throw distance and lens shift features (if needed) to make sure the model you want can be installed comfortably into your intended viewing room. All models are sufficiently bright for dark room viewing on screens up to 110" diagonal. However, some are brighter and can accommodate ambient light or larger screen sizes.

BenQ MH530 DLP Highly Rated
BenQ lists the $599 MH530 as a home entertainment projector, but it's actually an inexpensive crossover model for home, office, and edu... more»
NEC U321H DLP Highly Rated
If NEC is not the first name that comes to mind when you are looking for a 1080p short-throw projector, their new U321H could change th... more»
BenQ TH670 DLP Highly Rated
The BenQ TH670 will be of obvious interest if you want an inexpensive 1080p projector for either business presentations or home enterta... more»
ViewSonic Pro7827HD DLP Highly Rated
You can quibble with ViewSonic's claim that the Pro7827HD is the ideal projector for home theater entertainment, but it's unquestionabl... more»
BenQ MH741 DLP
Although the 1080p resolution BenQ MH741 is meant primarily for business and education, it actually handles video and games better than... more»
Dell 4350 DLP
The Dell 4350 delivers native 1080p (1920x1080) HD resolution, but it's definitively meant for business and education rather than home ... more»
Sony HW65ES SXRD Highly Rated
The Sony VPL-HW65ES is the latest in a series of high performance 1080p home theater projectors, replacing last year's VPL-HW55ES. Like... more»
BenQ HT4050 DLP Highly Rated
The BenQ HT4050 is one of three new full HD 1080p resolution home theater projectors released by BenQ this fall. Priced at $1,399, it i... more»
BenQ HT3050 DLP Highly Rated
The BenQ HT3050 is one of three new full HD 1080p resolution home theater projectors being released by BenQ this fall. Priced at $999, ... more»
Optoma HD28DSE DLP Highly Rated
The Optoma HD28DSE is the company's newest portable 1080p home theater projector. ("DSE" stands for "Darbee Special Edition," in refere... more»
Epson Home Cinema 2040 3 LCD Highly Rated
The Epson Home Cinema 2040 is the latest in their line of home video and entertainment projectors. This affordable 1080p projector is a... more»
NEC V302H DLP Highly Rated
The new NEC NP-V302H is a rock-solid 1080p projector for conference rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Sporting a maximum output of ... more»

Definitions of Commonly Used Projection Technology Terms
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Reverberation Time:
Measurement of reflected sound to dissipate within a room by -60dB given in seconds. A home theater should be around .4 seconds.

A process where a video image is delivered in two fields each containing half the video image rather than a single frame that contains the entire image. The first field contains all the odd lines and the second field contains all the even lines. For example, each 480i frame is made up of two fields of 263 and 262 lines of resolution and updated at 60Hz. 480 denotes the active picture area; however, the total frame size is actually 525 lines. 480i and 1080i are interlaced signals whereas 720p is a progressive signal where each video image is delivered in a single frame. Interlaced video was introduced with the first televisions because of bandwidth limitations.

Characteristic of a display to accurately show an image without distorting it. When a display’s geometry is good, it represents square objects as a square, etc. See pincushioning and barrel distortion.

National Television Standards Committee. Established the first color TV standard in 1953 and is the North American standard for video and broadcasting. Also used in the Caribbean, South Korea, Japan and South America. A 30 fps signal with 525 lines of resolution of which 480 to 483 are viewable. Transmitted via a 6MHz channel.
Current 1080p Models
(sorted by popularity)
1.  ViewSonic Pro7827HD
2.  Optoma HD141X
3.  Epson 6040UB
4.  Epson Home Cinema 5030UB
5.  Epson Home Cinema 2040
6.  BenQ TH670
7.  Optoma HD26
8.  Panasonic AE8000
9.  BenQ HT3050
10.  Epson Home Cinema 3500
11.  LG PF1500
12.  Sony HW45ES
13.  Sony HW65ES
14.  Optoma GT1080
15.  Optoma HD28DSE
16.  BenQ HT1075
17.  Epson Pro LS10000
18.  Optoma HD37
19.  BenQ HT2050
20.  BenQ HT4050
21.  Epson Home Cinema 3000
22.  Optoma HD50
23.  Epson Home Cinema 2030
24.  Optoma HD142x
25.  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL
26.  BenQ W1070+
27.  Epson Pro 6030UB
28.  Acer H6510BD
29.  Epson Europe EH-TW5300
30.  Epson Home Cinema 3020
31.  Epson Home Cinema 2045
32.  Epson Europe EH-TW6600
33.  Optoma HD25-LV
34.  BenQ W1110
35.  Epson 5040UB
36.  Epson 5040UBe
37.  Panasonic AE7000
38.  Acer H6517ST
39.  Sony HW55ES-B
40.  Epson Pro 4030
41.  BenQ W7500
42.  Epson Pro LS9600e
43.  Epson Europe EH-TW7200
44.  Panasonic PT-AT6000E
45.  Optoma HD161X-WHD
46.  BenQ MH530
47.  Epson Home Cinema 5030UBe
48.  BenQ HT6050
49.  Epson Europe EH-TW9200
50.  Epson Europe EH-TW5350
51.  Optoma HD151X
52.  Epson Home Cinema 2000
53.  Epson 4040
54.  ViewSonic Pro9000
55.  InFocus ScreenPlay SP1080
56.  Optoma HD30
57.  Epson Home Cinema 3600e
58.  Epson Europe EH-TW6600W
59.  Acer H7550ST
60.  Optoma HD90
61.  Epson Europe EH-TW5210
62.  Vivitek H1188
63.  Sony HW55ES-W
64.  Optoma HD91+
65.  Epson Home Cinema 5025UB
66.  Optoma HD30B
67.  Epson Europe EH-TW9200W
68.  Panasonic PT-AH1000E
69.  SIM2 Crystal Cube
70.  Epson Europe EH-LS10000
71.  Optoma HD25-LV-WHD
72.  Acer H7550STz
73.  Ricoh HDC5420
74.  Vivitek H1060
75.  Panasonic PT-AT5000E