1080p Projectors for the Ultimate Home Theater

1080p projectors are the ideal solution for top of the line home theater performance. When making your choice, consider throw distance and lens shift features (if needed) to make sure the model you want can be installed comfortably into your intended viewing room. All models are sufficiently bright for dark room viewing on screens up to 110" diagonal. However, some are brighter and can accommodate ambient light or larger screen sizes.

ViewSonic LS800HD DLP Highly Rated
The ViewSonic LS800HD is a 5000-lumen laser-driven 1920x1080 projector designed to perform in wide a range of environments -- from clas... more»
BenQ HT2050A DLP Highly Rated
The $749 BenQ HT2050A is a small step up in price from an entry level 1080p home theater projector but a significant step up in picture... more»
ViewSonic Pro7827HD DLP Highly Rated
The ViewSonic Pro7827HD is one of the more impressive choices in this eight-projector roundup. It delivers excellent color accuracy, th... more»
BenQ HT1070A DLP Highly Rated
At $599, the BenQ HT1070A is a solid value and a strong contender among sub-$700 home theater models, particularly for traditional home... more»
Epson Home Cinema 1060 3 LCD Highly Rated
Even at $649, the Epson Home Cinema 1060 delivers more than enough to make it a solid value, starting with the highest brightness for a... more»
Optoma HD27e DLP Highly Rated
The Optoma HD27e is a solid value at $599 street. An upgraded version of the Optoma HD27, it offers similar specs, but a slightly highe... more»
ViewSonic PJD7828HDL DLP Highly Rated
The ViewSonic PJD7828HDL is an impressive value for $589. It delivers the best contrast and sense of depth for any of its sub-$700 comp... more»
Optoma HD29Darbee DLP Highly Rated
With its DarbeeVision Image Processor, Full 3D, 16.5 ms input lag, and support for ISF Day and Night modes, the Optoma HD29Darbee deliv... more»
ViewSonic PJD7720HD DLP Highly Rated
The ViewSonic PJD7720HD delivers an awful lot for $530, starting with image quality that scores well for the price on contrast, on hold... more»
Optoma HD143X DLP Highly Rated
At just $549, the Optoma HD143X stands out for its low price for a 1080p home theater projector even among sub-$700 models. It is a lit... more»
If you want to upgrade your flat screen TV for a large 90" to 120" picture, the LG Laser Smart Home Theater Projector (model HF85JA) ma... more»
JVC DLA-RS440U D-ILA Editor's Choice
As you might expect from any JVC Reference Series Custom Install Projector, the JVC DLA-RS440U's image quality alone makes it worth con... more»

Definitions of Commonly Used Projection Technology Terms
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Form Factor:
A general description of a projector or flat panel's size and shape. For example, a light projector with a small case can be said to have a small form factor, and would be good for mobile presentation. Similarly, a flat panel that is slim and wall mountable would be considered to have a small form factor.

Missing information from a broadcast or recorded media and typically show up as white specks in an analog environment. Dropout is more pronounced with interframe compression techniques such as MPEG because the error displays until the next complete frame is drawn, otherwise known as an I-frame. This can take up to ½ a second.

Barrel Distortion:
Distortion where screen image expands outward towards edges of the screen. Instead of being square, edges are curved outward like the edge of a barrel. Opposite of pincushion.

A motion artifact caused by interlace where an object has moved appreciably within a frame and its new position is displayed in a different position in one field over the other. Looks like the teeth of a comb.
Current 1080p Models
(sorted by popularity)
1.  Optoma HD143X
2.  Epson Home Cinema 2150
3.  Epson 5040UB
4.  Epson Home Cinema 1060
5.  Optoma HD142x
6.  Sony HW45ES
7.  BenQ TK800
8.  BenQ HT2050A
9.  Epson 4000
10.  BenQ HT2150ST
11.  Optoma GT1080Darbee
12.  BenQ HT2050
13.  Optoma HD27
14.  Optoma HD29Darbee
15.  ViewSonic Pro7827HD
16.  Optoma HD27e
17.  Optoma HD39Darbee
18.  ViewSonic PJD7828HDL
19.  Optoma GT1080
20.  Epson Home Cinema 2045
21.  JVC DLA-RS440U
22.  Epson 3700
23.  Epson Europe EH-TW650
24.  Epson 3100
25.  Epson Home Cinema 2100
26.  BenQ TH671ST
27.  Epson Europe EH-TW6700
28.  BenQ HT3050
29.  Epson 6040UB
30.  BenQ W2000
31.  JVC DLA-X590R
32.  Sony HW65ES
33.  LG PF1000UW
34.  Epson Europe TW9300
35.  Epson Europe EH-TW5350
36.  BenQ MH530FHD
37.  LG HF85JA
38.  Optoma GT5500+
39.  BenQ HT1070A
40.  LG HF80JA
41.  BenQ W1110
42.  Acer H6517ST
43.  Epson 5040UBe
44.  LG PF1500W
45.  Epson 4040
46.  ViewSonic PX706HD
47.  JVC DLA-X790R
48.  BenQ HT4050
49.  Epson Europe EH-TW7300
50.  JVC DLA-RS540U
51.  JVC DLA-X570R
52.  JVC DLA-X5900BE
53.  JVC DLA-X990R
54.  Optoma HD28DSE
55.  JVC DLA-RS420
56.  JVC LX-UH1B
57.  Vivitek H1188
58.  JVC RS500
59.  JVC LX-UH1W
60.  Epson LS10500
61.  Acer Z650
62.  ViewSonic PX700HD
63.  ViewSonic LS820
64.  Epson Europe EH-TW6700W
65.  JVC DLA-RS640U
66.  ViewSonic PX800HD
67.  Epson 3900
68.  Epson Europe TW9300W
69.  JVC DLA-X770R
70.  JVC RS400
71.  JVC DLA-RS520
72.  JVC DLA-X7900BE
73.  JVC DLA-X5900WE
74.  BenQ HT6050
75.  Epson Pro 6030UB