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Evan Powell - Wednesday, May 23, 2018
LG Electronic's innovative new 4K projector is both original and effective......more...
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Road Test Certified Projectors

Optoma S365 3600 lm, 800x600, 5.5 lbs
Optoma S365 SVGA Projector
Optoma WU336 3400 lm, 1920x1200, 6.8 lbs
Optoma WU336 DLP projector
Panasonic PT-MZ670U 6500 lm, 1920x1200, 35.3 lbs
Least expensive WXGA 24/7 Laser over 6500 lumens
ViewSonic PS750HD 3000 lm, 1920x1080, 13.4 lbs
Low price Interactive UST, 1080p, Full 3D
Dell S718QL 5000 lm, 3840x2160, 33.1 lbs
4K Laser, 5000 lumens, UST
Dell S518WL 3200 lm, 1280x800, 12.2 lbs
Lowest price LASER WXGA projector on the market
Ricoh PJ WUL5670 5200 lm, 1920x1200, 25.1 lbs
360 degree install, 1.8x zoom, great value
Optoma ZW300UST 3200 lm, 1280x800, 12.3 lbs
Least expensive laser UST on the market
Optoma ZU850 8000 lm, 1920x1200, 50.7 lbs
8200 lm, WUXGA, extreme installation versatility
ViewSonic LS830 4500 lm, 1920x1080, 22.1 lbs
Lowest price UST 1080p on the market

Home Theater Projectors

May 23 - 4K Review: LG Electronics HU80KA
Evan Powell
LG's innovative 4K projector wins

Editor's Choice Award
May 16 - 4K Review: Acer H7850 Home Theater Projector
M. David Stone
Acer's 4K home theater projector, with comparison to Optoma UHD60
May 10 - Review: ViewSonic PX747-4K vs PX727-4K
Evan Powell
The differences between the PX747-4K and the PX727-4K for $1299...
Review: BenQ HT2050A
M. David Stone
A home theater projector at $749, a step up from the entry-level models
Mar 21 - 4K Review: Optoma UHD50 4K Projector
Evan Powell
Great 4K projector for $1499...
Mar 15 - 4K Review: ViewSonic PX727-4K Projector
Evan Powell
Viewsonic's 4K projector at $1299 wins ProjectorCentral's Editor's Choice Award
Mar 12 - Review: LG Laser Smart Home Theater HF85JA
Allan Abbott
LG's Smart Laser 1080p Home Theater Projector -- HF85JA now at promo of $1599...
Mar 9 - 4K Review: BenQ HT2550 4K Projector
Evan Powell
BenQ's newest 4K projector at $1499...
Mar 5 - 4K Review: Optoma UHD60 4K Projector
Evan Powell
One of Optoma's many 4K projectors now at $1799...
Feb 28 - 4K Review: Vivitek HK2288 4K Projector
Evan Powell
Vivitek's entry level 4K projector now at $1499...
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May 1 - 3 Home Theater Projectors under $1000
Apr 26 - Epson HC 4000 vs. Optoma UHD60
Apr 5 - Best Home Theater Projectors under $700
Feb 23 - 4K Projectors: Optoma UHD60 vs. Vivitek HK2288
Nov 13 - Sub-$1000 Home Theater Shootout

Home Video Projectors


Portable Projectors

Philips PicoPix PPX4010
Marc Davidson
One of the smallest and fastest projectors on the planet...
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Conference Room Projectors

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Large Venue Projectors

Apr 23 - Review: ViewSonic LS800HD
Al Griffin
Full HD, 3D Laser Projector for business and home use...
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Education Projectors

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