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<b>Review: Epson Home Cinema 5040UB</b>

Editor's Choice Award for

outstanding performance,

features, and price.

<b>Review: ViewSonic PX800HD</b>

Ultra Short Throw Home Theater

Rapid 16 ms lag for serious gaming

RGBRGB wheel for rich, saturated color

<b>Review Update: Sony VPL-HW45ES</b>

Sony's latest home theater projector for under $2000...

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You can now track the status

of all current and pending 4K projectors

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Short Throw Projector w/ Lens Shift and Perfect Fit?

Anyone know of any short throw projectors with good lens shift and possibly digital perfect fit? Preferably one with a higher lumen count (5000+). Know it's asking a lot, having trouble finding one myself. Looking to install 2 in the electri... more
04/25/17 -