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HTP LED-33 SVGA Projector Review

Dirt cheap and displays downscaled HD content reasonbly well, but price-performance is surprisingly poor, even for such an inexpensive projector.

Digital Galaxy DG-757 Projector Review

Dirt cheap, but performance is close to bottom of the barrel. You get what you pay for...

Fugetek FG-637 -- World's Worst Projector?

Perhaps the worst of the cheap projectors on the market today...

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A Look at the Cheapest Projectors

If you poke around much on Amazon or eBay, you'll find a lot of very cheap projectors from brands you've never heard of. Just what are these things, and how good could they possibly be for the low-ball prices?more

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Cheap Projectors -- how bad are they?

They are cheap, but what do you get for the money?