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Review: <b>Epson 3700</b> Home Theater Projector

The Epson 3700 gives you extra lumens and a set onboard speakers for $200 more than its near twin, the Epson 3100. Both are excellent home theater values.

Review: <b>Epson HC 3100</b> Home Theater Projector

Epson 3100 wins Editor's Choice Award -- outstanding home theater value for $1200

Acer H6502BD Home Theater Projector

Acer's bright new home theater projector for under $700...

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Three projectors, one is white in the corner

I have a training room that I have three projectors. The two outside ones are Epson 1410Wi's and the middle one is a Epson 595Wi. The right most projector whites out the top corner of an image where ever the image is on the screen. All the projectors... more