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BenQ HT1075 Projector Review

This year's update of the BenQ W1070 brings some new features to the same best-in-class performance to create a dynamite projector that costs about a thousand bucks.

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 -- 4K Laser Home Theater

A dramatic move by Epson into the high end custom home theater market, including 4K enhancement, reflective LCOQ technology, and 100% laser light engine...

HTP LED-33 SVGA Projector Review

Dirt cheap and displays downscaled HD content reasonbly well, but price-performance is surprisingly poor, even for such an inexpensive projector.

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Cheap Projectors -- how bad are they?

They are cheap, but what do you get for the money?

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Recomendations for a Full HD, 3D 1080p Projector...

Hey all. I am looking for a new projector. I started off with a 70 lumen led projector... thought HEY! this is cool.. and I grew out of it in about a week. I bought a better one off craigslist and now that stopped working. So i am looking for recom... more