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4K Review: Acer H7850 Home Theater Projector

Acer's 4K home theater projector, with comparison to Optoma UHD60

Review: ViewSonic PX747-4K vs PX727-4K

The differences between the PX747-4K and the PX727-4K for $1299...

Review: BenQ HT2050A

A home theater projector at $749, a step up from the entry-level models

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True 4K vs Faux-K

True 4K vs Faux-K...

a nonsensical controversy

that misses the point...


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LG HU80KA, where are the reviews? Other short throw 4k projectors?

I hear of people/places receiving these LG HU80KA projectors, but no reviews. Why? Any other news on 4k short throw projectors coming soon? Looking at 6'-8' for a 120" screen. Like the current BenQ short throw projectors like the HT2150ST.
05/20/18 -