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Home Theater Projector Reviews

Optoma UHZ65 4K Laser Projector

4K Laser Projector for Home Theater

Review: JVC DLA-RS440U Home Theater

another outstanding achievement by JVC...

Epson LS100 Laser UST Projector Review

Ultra Short Throw, Laser Home Theater
10/01/17 -
Projector Review: Sony VPL-VW285ES
08/10/17 -
Review: BenQ HT8050
07/07/17 -
LG HF80JA Smart Laser Home Theater
06/09/17 -
Review: JVC DLA-RS520
04/21/17 -
Review: Epson Home Cinema 5040UB

Articles: Topics for Home Theater Enthusiasts

Are "LED lumens" a Real Thing?

Many claim LED and Laser projectors look brighter than the meters say. Do they?

Home Theater Projectors Forums

BenQ HT2550A vs Epson Pro EX9220

i'm new to projectors but based on my research it i picked BenQ HT2550A for my first projector, which i intent to use for movies/gaming. right after i placed online order for this projector i came across Epson Pro EX9220, now i'm not sure if the epso... more
02/16/18 -
Benq HT2150st Flickering
02/14/18 -
color uniformity (grey scale) solution?
02/13/18 -
Best projector below $1,000
02/13/18 -
Is this a good price for this projector
02/09/18 -
Projector lamp light comes on, but removing/replacing bulb resolves issue.
(02/18/18 - 12:24 PM PST)
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