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InFocus IN82 Projector InFocus IN82
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4000:1 Contrast Ratio
1500 Lumens
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InFocus Play Big IN82
Home Theater Projector

Bill Livolsi, November 15, 2007


The InFocus IN82 stands out for its high lumen output while maintaining good contrast and color performance. In its brightest usable mode, which is "lamp native" color temperature with the lamp on High, our test unit measured a whopping 1259 ANSI lumens. Obviously, this is way too bright for traditional home theater use. But it allows the IN82 to be used in moderate ambient light or on very large screens to a degree unmatched by any other current 1080p projectors under $10,000. Simply put, if you want to go really big, the IN82 may be your best option in 1080p.

The IN82's other modes, tailored to more traditional home theater, are more subdued. In high lamp mode with color temperature set to 6500K and the iris halfway open, our test unit measured roughly 680 ANSI lumens - still bright enough for a 150" diagonal 16:9 screen in a darkened room. Low lamp mode reduces lumen output in any operating mode by about 20%.

The IN82 has a manually adjusted iris which defaults to the middle position - half open, half closed. For those with complete light control, closing the iris fully can result in greatly improved contrast. However, this does drastically reduce the projector's lumen output. In high lamp mode with the iris closed, our test sample measured 292 ANSI lumens, and in low lamp mode this dropped to 230 ANSI. The key advantage is that you can drop the IN82's lumen output to a comfortable level for dark room viewing when you want to, and then turn all the lights on and substantially boost the IN82's light output for a party or other home entertainment use.

InFocus IN82 Side View
InFocus IN82 Side View:
The rings on the right are focus and zoom controls.

With a contrast rating of 12,000:1, one would expect the IN82 to have solid black levels and shadow detail - and it does. Contrast performance on this model is consistent with other 1080p DLP projectors in the sub-$6,000 price bracket. Blacks are deep and inky, while shadow detail is generally well defined; however, the IN82 occasionally loses some detail in very low IRE shadowy areas. With some careful fine tuning, a balance can be struck that gives you excellent blacks while avoiding the loss of detail. Since the IN82 is sold by custom installers, they will likely calibrate the projector for you without you having to worry about it.

Out of the box, color was slightly too warm. Before calibration, the 7500K color temperature setting looked more natural, though still slightly too cold. Calibration can be used to make the 6500K setting colder, or make the 7500K setting warmer, which will give a pleasing, natural looking image. After calibration, the IN82 has the potential to display near-perfect color.

InFocus IN82 Rear View, Inverted Ceiling Mount orientation
InFocus IN82 Rear View: Connection panel labels are inverted for easy reading in ceiling mount orientation.

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