Opinion of Justin - Mar 23, 2014

Brookstone Pocket Projector Slim Projector
WVGA (640x360), 25 ANSI Lumens,
0.7 lbs, $129 (MSRP)

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by Justin - Mar 23, 2014
Image Quality 4.0
Features 3.0
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0
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Personal Experience
What a unique little Pico Projector. This is HANDS DOWN the SMALLEST one I've ever seen - thickness-wise it's slimmer than a cell-phone. I actually GLUED it onto the back of my Archos Gamepad (a 7 inch tablet with video game controls built onto it)....So now I can play games on the wall with a decent image by just carrying around a tablet.

Now onto the review....Native resolution of 640x360. While this is a very good native for the size, you can see a noteable difference between this and....say the Optoma PK301, which has a native resolution of 854x480 (I own both). BUT the PK301 is about 5x thicker, so higher image quality is to be expected with the larger PK-301.

This thing is built tough. Brookstone builds QUALITY products, and this is no exception. At one point I actually RIPPED this projector off of my tablet after super-gluing it on there....I thought I had messed up the projector because the projector almost split n half (horizontal wise) as I was prying the thing off....Nope, still running smoothly. What a tough little guy.

At 25 lumens, it's bright enough for a pitch black room. But don't expect a pleasant image with too much light around you. I suppose this is the case with anything under 300 lumens though...You really can't discredit a Pico Projector brightness-wise because they simply don't have the size capacity for more brightness.

As far as options go, there's a little slider on the projector that has an 'M' next to it, standing for 'Mode'. I believe one is for volume, and sliding it the other way lets you adjust the focus. That's it for options.

Inputs: HDMI! YES! HDMI. That is just awsesome for a projector this size, and it's also the reason I'm able to connect it to my tablet so easily. It also has the standard video input for inputting from a composite source - If you buy it new it should come with the composite adapter that has the single plugin for the projecter end and the three female composite ends.

Anyway, that's all I got for now. For the size it is an amazing little gadget. While the picture quality and brightness are inevitably hindered by its size, it's still a sweet little Pico Projector. And if you're a nerd like me, you should really consider gluing one onto your tablet - As far as gaming tablets go, I'd recommend the GPD G7 or JXD S7300.
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