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Playskool ShowCam: The Little Camera that Could...Project!

Laura Clinton, December 13, 2013

The Playskool ShowCam is for kids. Sure, the resolution is low, and the pictures are a bit blurry. However, I never heard these complaints from my peanut gallery. Kids tend to focus on the big picture, not the little pixels that kept catching my eye. My amateur photogs only complained about two limitations. First, the camera can only take photos, not videos. My oldest finds it hilarious to record my panic attacks when he jumps out at me. A picture of my horrified face is just not enough. Second, the camera is equipped with a mini-USB port, but no cable is provided. If you are able to scrounge up an extra cable around your house, the downloading is quite easy. My youngest pointed out that an SD card would be much easier than the manhunt for a cable. He's my lazy one, but he does make a valid point.

With a reasonable price tag of $59.99, the ShowCam makes a great addition to any novice techie's collection. You can choose between a gray/blue/green camera and a white/pink/purple version. Not only is the camera cool, but it is also functional. It's always interesting, and a bit scary, to take a look at the world through your kiddo's eyes.

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Posted Dec 30, 2013 5:39 PM

By Rich

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Great Article made me laugh several times out loud, I wish my one year old was older just so I could buy it for her. Thank you for the laughs and the information.

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