Projector News

Bulletins about upcoming product reviews and releases, tradeshows, new technology and advanced product features as well as our thoughts and observations on all things related to projectors.

Reviews in the mill - 4/21

We have the following projectors just recently reviewed, currently under review, or scheduled for review in the near term...more

New HT Projector and Panasonic AE8000 sale

Viewsonic ships the new PX800HD, and Panasonic AE8000 has a limited time rebate...more

New Product Announcements

We have introduced a third product editorial format called the New Product Announcement which you are now seeing on the home page...more

ProjectorCentral Releases Major Expansion of Features and Services

We are happy to announce the launch of a substantially enhanced ProjectorCentral with new services and features you'll see throughout the sitemore

4K Projector HDR Compatibility Study

There is a lot of confusion over the compatibility between 4K HDR-enabled projectors and HDR source devices...more

ProjectorCentral PRO now open for AV Professionals

A newly expanded version of ProjectorCentral designed for professional AV buyers, resellers, custom installers, and manufacturers, just went live this weekend...more

Epson 6040UB review update

The Epson Pro Cinema 6040UB review has been updated...more

Review News -- Epson 6040UB, BenQ HT2150ST, Acer P6500

An update on the Epson 6040 review and other projects in the mix...more

Upcoming Reviews

Just a few notes on current reviews in process...more

New HT Announcements at CEDIA 2016

An initial report from the CEDIA exhibit hall…more