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4K Projector HDR Compatibility Study

There is a lot of confusion over the compatibility between 4K HDR-enabled projectors and HDR source devices...

We've just posted David Stone's overview of HDR Compatibility issues as they relate to 4K source devices and 4K HDR enabled projectors from Epson, JVC and Sony. This will add a modicum of clarity as to where we stand at the present time as the industry sorts through this adjustment.

Evan Powell


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Posted Dec 15, 2016 12:59 AM

By Ken

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Hi there. I have a question about Sony VW675ES's HDR compatibility. In the manual of VW675ES, it's said that VW675ES can only support 60p in 4K at YUV420 / 8bit. However, as we know, HDR require 10bit color-depth. Is it a contradiction?

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