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Mitsubishi HC4000 wins Editor's Choice

The review of the Mitsubishi HC4000 has been posted, and we are happy to announce that it has been given our Editor's Choice Award...more

Epson 8700 UB and other Review News

The review of one of the most popular models of the fall season, the Epson 8700 UB, has been posted.more

Which is best: 16:9 or 2.4?

When installing a new home theater, the first and most important decision you can make is whether to go with a 16:9 screen, or the wider format 2.4 Cinemascope alternative...more

Epson's Remarkable Lamp Guarantee

At the bottom of our review on the Epson Home Cinema 8100 there are an unusual number of user comments expressing frustration with premature lamp failure. This is unusual for two reasons...more

Epson 8350 wins Editor's Choice

Two great, inexpensive projectors in the spotlight: The Epson Home Cinema 8350, for home theater at $1,299, and the Samsung F10, the brightest LED projector to hit the market at just $1,099...more

CEDIA Update -- Epson 8350

With the focus on 3D news and stratospheric contrast ratings, it's easy to overlook what will likely be the hottest selling projector of the season...more

CEDIA News Opening Day

Sharp announces 3D-enabled 1080p with the Z17000...... projectiondesign debuts the world's first 2.35:1 native aspect ratio projector..... Sony drops 1080p SXRD to $3,400 with the VWPRO1.....JVC's D-ILA technology goes below $3,000..... Sony announces 3D 1080p with the VPL-VW90ES..... JVC unveils six new 3D 1080p projectors.....Epson releases pricing on new home theater models.....Mitsubishi announces HC4000 and the Diamond 3D .....Panasonic sitting it out...more

Mitsubishi to unveil "Diamond 3D" 1080p Projector

This Thursday Mitsubishi will unveil one of the world's first 3D enabled 1080p home theater projectors. The code named Diamond 3D will have a reflective LCD "SXRD" light engine, marking the first time Mitsubishi has brought a product to market that uses reflective LCD technology.more

Epson hits Million:1 Contrast

Epson is planning to unveil seven new 1080p home theater projectors next week at the CEDIA trade show. The flagship model, the ProCinema 61000, will carry a contrast rating of 1,000,000:1 and a brightness rating of 1200 lumens.more

How to Compare Projectors

Want to compare projectors? Don't know how? Just click the check box you see next to a projector model name anywhere on ProjectorCentral and it will pop-up on a compare list in the top rightmost column.more