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Review status at Thanksgiving break

It has been a hectic few weeks in review activity. Here is where we currently stand with reviews just completed or in process...more

Review schedule update 10/23

We've got quite a few more newly released home theater projectors scheduled for review in the coming weeks...more

Review schedule update

We've got several reviews and projects currently underway:more

New Home Theater Projectors at CEDIA

A lot of new home theater projectors were released this month at CEDIA. Among the new projectors hitting the market are these:more

Epson's New Home Theater Projectors under $1,000

This week Epson announced a major upgrade and expansion to their "Home Cinema" class home theater projector line. FIVE new models come in under $1,000, as follows:more

Reviews in process

We've got several projects under way at the moment, so here is what's going on around here...more

New E-Z Quotes system now live

We've just activated E-Z Quotes, a new online price quoting system to make it easier than ever to shop for projectors...more

Epson releases new Home Cinema 4000

Today Epson has announced and commenced shipments of a new home theater projector, the Home Cinema 4000...more

Reviews in process -- June 9

The big Infocomm trade show happens next week so we will be in Orlando for that. Once we arrive back in the office, we've got more home theater write ups on the agenda...more

Reviews in process -- May 19

We have the following projectors just recently reviewed, currently under review, or scheduled for review in the near term...more