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Projector reviews and shootouts of LCD, DLP and LCoS technology digital projectors for home theater, multimedia, data, and video applications. Projector Accessory reviews including projector screens, Blu-ray players and video components.
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Pico Projector Review
Marc Davidson — May 15, 2014
2014 Highly Rated
 Specs    $305  
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A new and very sweet little pocket projector for only $319...
Pico Projector Review
Marc Davidson — Jun 27, 2013
Our Review
 Specs    $199  
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A pico projector with good data and video quality, good connectivity, plus the ability to read files directly from USB keys and microSD cards...
Pico Projector Review
Allan Abbott — Apr 13, 2012
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 Specs    $865  
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At 1.7 pounds including power brick, the ASUS P1 pico projector is light, quiet, and bright enough for small group meetings...
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