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Economical Screen Shortcuts

We are currently working on a review of the Philips bCool XG1. We also have the Mitsubishi XD50U Mini-Mits and the BenQ PB2220 in the lab as well. All three of these units are sub-4 lb. ultra-portables with high contrast and native XGA resolution. They are selling in the same price range, so we are evaluating them as a group and will post the reviews of all three next week.

Thinking of painting a wall to save money on a screen? One of our readers, Jerry Chasteen, just posted an excellent commentary on his painting experience. He points out that using bulk screen fabric can be almost as inexpensive while giving you much better end results. If you are looking for an economical shortcut, we suggest you consider Jerry's experience before attempting to solve the problem with paint.

The current special on the Bravo D1 DVI-enabled DVD player will continue through November 21. ProjectorCentral readers can get an additional 10% off both the player and the DVI cable that is sold separately, should you need it. For details, click here.

The very hot Sanyo PLV-Z2 will commence shipment in the United States in another few days. Dealers are taking orders now. You can expect a waiting list for this one. We will review it as soon as we can get a unit in here.

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