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Welcome Interlude

Since we've had some issues with one of the units in the planned group review, we accelerated the review of the Sanyo PLV-Z2, which many of you have been waiting for. This unit is one of the hottest projectors for the money we've ever seen. We are proud to include it in the Highly Recommended list. If you are about to spend two grand for a projector, take a very close look at this one.

We continue to get emails asking for comments on the Philips bCool XG1. The situation is that during the review we discovered an obscure performance defect on this unit that nevertheless could create problems for users opting to use progressive scan 480p input for DVD. We documented the problem and forwarded the observations to Philips. Philips was able to determine the nature of the problem and has developed a fix for it. An updated unit is being provided for review.

Personally, I like the Philips XG1 very much. It is bright, very quiet, and has great video attributes, especially with progressive input. We did not want to proceed with a review knowing that a fixable flaw existed, so we are taking the time to sort it out. Philips has been extremely responsive in the process. Ultimately everyone will be well-served by this interlude, and we apologize for having alerted you to a pending review, then not having it materialize on time. We will do our best to get the XG1 review done in December.

We now have several reviews in the works, and intend to publish one later next week. Based on my recent track record I hate to predict which one! In the meantime, we wish you all a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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