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Back from Conferences

We have just posted the InFocus 4805 review. This is a surprising projector and a terrific value for the money that we will add to the Highly Recommended list.

We are planning to post reviews of the InFocus X2 and the Mitsubishi HC2000 by next Wednesday. Other units we have on hand including the Sanyo PLC-XU60 and the BenQ 7800 will unfortunately have to wait until after the CEDIA trade show, which happens at the end of next week.

For those who don't know, CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. Translated loosely into English, that means high end home theater designers and installers. Many new products are released at this show every year, and we will post notes and comments on the various product releases within a few days of the show's closing on September 12.

We also just got back from a three-day conference in Los Angeles on HDTV. It is gratifying to see how rapidly HDTV content is now coming online. All of the major networks are producing many of their primetime shows for this fall in HD. So if you've been waiting until a lot of programming is available before you make the move to HDTV, your wait has come to an end. This fall HDTV arrives big time in prime time.

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