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Following the posting of the InFocus 4805 review last Friday, we have now added a look at the InFocus X2. The predecessors to these two units, the X1 and the 4800, were basically the same projector packaged for two different markets. The X2 and 4805 are completely different products. The X2 review discusses the differences.

As regular readers may be aware, our site was down for about eight hours yesterday. It was due to an unforseen system problem, but we were back in full operation as of last night. We get over 30,000 visitors a day to ProjectorCentral, and the outage was undoubtedly an inconvenience to many. Please accept our apologies. The good news is that outages like this have been extremely rare since we began site operations in 1999. We appreciate your understanding and patronage.

We are leaving for the CEDIA trade show which occurs in Indianapolis this weekend. We will have a lot of news to report on next week, so watch this site for updates. For those who don't know, CEDIA is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association. Translated loosely into English, that means high end home theater designers and installers. Many new products are released at this show every year.

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