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Donate Used Projectors to Schools

We are in the midst of several reviews at the moment that we plan to post over the next two weeks. But two issues warrant some focus. First, projector prices have dropped considerably, but the cost of replacement lamps has not. Many first time projector users are getting blind-sided by the cost of lamps. I hope this article on lamps will help to make buyers aware of the issue and put the cost into perspective. If you know of someone who is shopping for a projector, you may do them a big favor by alerting them to the costs associated with replacement lamps.

Second, we opened the School Donation Center at ProjectorCentral several years ago to encourage and facilitate the donation of new and used projectors to schools. Until you've actually donated a projector and seen it used in a classroom, you can't really appreciate the immense value they have to both teachers and kids. If you are among those fortunate enough to have the resources, please consider this idea for the holiday season. You get the most personal satisfaction from donating through a teacher you know or the school your kids are enrolled in. But if you don't know a teacher personally and have no kids in school, the School Donation Center is a good way to find schools in your area that need this help.

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