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InfoComm This Week

A new review of the InFocus Screenplay 7210 is now posted. Infocus has established itself as a major force in home theater projectors ever since its launch of the Screenplay series of products. The 7210 is the latest in the line, and it is a dynamic projector for the money.

A further note from of a few days ago, the Screenplay 4805 pricing was dropped to $1,099, and a $100 rebate was instituted for the month of June, bringing the net price on this top-selling model down to $999.

We have been working on the comparative review of the 854x480 DLP projectors, and had intended to post it by now. However, the new Optoma H27 threw a monkey wrench into the plan. Since it is one of the least expensive of the current 854x480 models, it needed to be included in the review. Fortunately, it has arrived as of today, so we will get this article written and posted as soon as possible.

The Infocomm trade show happens in Las Vegas this week. This is normally a big show for commercial projectors, with less focus on consumer and home theater products. However, we will be there and report back with all newsworthy developments.

If there are models you are particularly anxious to see reviewed, please drop us a note at We are always happy to hear from you.

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