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A Multitude of Projectors Hitting the Market

Three new multipurpose widescreen projectors are hitting the market as of right about now. One is the Mitsubishi WD2000U, which commenced shipments last month. Another new model is the Sanyo PLV-75, which begins to ship next week. Finally, there is the big, muscular Panasonic PT-DW5000, which sees its first shipments this month.

These projectors all feature 768-line displays and high light output. The Mits WD2000 and Panny DW5000 are both 15:9 format (1280x768), and are rated at 3000 ANSI lumens and 4500 ANSI lumens respectively. Meanwhile, the Sanyo PLV-75 is native 16:9 (1366x768), and rated at 2200 ANSI lumens.

All three of these projectors are both brighter and lower in contrast than most projectors designed for home theater. But if you need to light up a large widescreen display in ambient light, one of them may be the perfect solution for you. They will find great use in sports bars and other locations where big screen video is an important part of the environment. All three are now in the review process.

Sunday, June 25, is the official release date of Samsung's initial Blu-ray DVD player. Please see notes on our initial experiences with this player before ordering.

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