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1080p Finally Under Two Grand

We've been predicting for the past year that 1080p projectors would go below $2,000 by the holiday season this year. Well, it officially happened yesterday, December 10, 2007, for all you projector industry historians out there that are recording these things. The Mitsubishi HC4900 has an official street price of $2,495, but as of yesterday, they are offering a $500 rebate, bringing the official price to just $1995. So there we are--1080p resolution projection for under two grand. I guess we better take another look at the HC4900 and put it into perspective.

We've just posted the review of the outstanding JVC DLA-RS2, an updated edition of the RS1 that was released last spring. Giving this one an Editor's Choice Award was a no-brainer. Read all about it for more details.

Now that we've seen almost all of the announced 1080p models under $10,000, we are ready to assign 5-star ratings to them all. We will get that done within the next day or two--Thursday at the latest. The only 1080p model that isn't in the collection of reviews this fall is the Epson Cinema 1080 UB, and that is only because the review sample has not arrived yet. We are not bypassing it intentionally, but many people are trying to make decisions and we need to get the ratings posted for those who are waiting for them. We will get the Epson unit reviewed and included as soon as we can.

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