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The review of the BenQ W5000 has just been posted. Wow, if you want a sharp 1080p picture this one has got it. It isn't without a flaw or two, but what projector isn't? Overall, an outstanding product from BenQ!

You may notice that I am experimenting with the review format. In this review of the BenQ W5000 I have highlighted the key advantages and limitations in more of a bullet item format for what I hope will be easier reference. The objective is to draw quicker attention to important advantages of the product, as well as noteworthy weaknesses. Anything that doesn't stand out as either a unique benefit or a problem doesn't get mentioned. In this way we hope to cut the length of the review a bit, and make it easier to scan and absorb. Your comments on this approach would be welcome.

On a related subject, we are rarely asked about including screen shots in reviews, so I get the feeling you don't need or want them. We have never done screen shots because, in my view, they are misleading--they make every projected image look like plasma TV. Furthermore, subtle differences in contrast and color saturation get obliterated when captured on digital cameras. On the other hand, though they are often misleading, screen shots can add visual glitz and glamour to the review text. In this way they might lend the product being reviewed more excitement and appeal. I would like to hear your opinion on this ... do you as a regular reader of this site wish we would include screen shots in our reviews?

The next home theater projector review will be the Sony VPL-VW40, which we plan to post Friday.
The BenQ W20000 will follow next week.

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