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Site Changes - Education Projectors

About a week ago we launched Education Projectors, a new section of our site that caters to the needs of educators. Elizabeth Dourley is hosting Education Projectors and will be responding to the needs of educators and offering insights in her blog the "Pondering Pixel". Click Send us Feedback at the top of the Education Projector page and she will respond to you.

Below are a few of the things that Education Projectors offers to educators:

1. Case Studies - real installations that highlight the problems and the solutions in using projection technology in an education setting.

2. Projector Reviews - a thorough review of projectors targeted for education, what they do and don't do, and how they stack up against each other.

3. New Product Releases - announcements of new projector offerings for education.

4. Editorial Comments - a peek at what new technology is coming in education projectors.

5. Topics for Educators - subjects of interest that relate to projectors in education.

6. Education Forums - a chance to share and support other educators that are facing issues that may be similar to yours.

7. Buyers Guide - information that will demystify the buying process.

8. Popular Classroom Projectors - a list of popular classroom projectors under $800.

9. Short Throw and Super Short Throw Projectors - a list of projectors that are designed for "front of the room" projection.

10. Projector Donations & Requests - for those of you without the budget for getting a projector, our school Projector Donation Center may be a solution for you. Register there and you may be rewarded with a donation. We are not involved in the donations; however, we encourage new buyers to donate their old projectors to the school of their choice.

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