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We are still testing the JVC RS25. As usual, JVC has produced another beautiful projector. However, the review will not be completed today as I had originally anticipated.

The RS25 has extreme black levels and outstanding picture quality, as we've come to expect from JVC. No need to be afraid of the 900 ANSI lumen brightness spec either. Dynamic mode measures 841, but the Cinema modes all put out between 700 and 800 lumens. THX mode is a solid 519. The only limitation we've found so far is that the RS25's frame interpolation system ("Clear Motion Drive") produces excessive artifacts when viewing films. We would limit its use to HD sports.

The THX mode on the RS25 behaves a bit differently than the THX mode on the Epson 8500. We want to look into this some more, and that's what is causing us to push the review to next week.

Meanwhile, the Optoma HD8600 and the dynamic little Epson 705 are up next in the review schedule.

Evan Powell

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Posted Nov 6, 2009 12:40:16 PM

By Tony Frank

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Hi Evan, Any guess when the report on the JVC RS25 will be out?

Thanks, Tony Frank

Posted Nov 1, 2009 9:57:39 PM

By Chad

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I'm really looking forward to your Epson PowerLite 705HD review. It'll help me determine whether or not to put it on my Christmas list. It looks like a great pj for a living room.

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