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Feature Search Gets an Addition

We've added "Speaker(s)" as a new search parameter to Feature Search. Just click on More Options and check the Speaker(s) box to include projectors with speakers. Add any other features you need and click Find Projectors.

The results page will display all projectors that have the features you want and the number of speakers and wattage information will appear in the lower left of each projector listed. As of this posting there were 889 projectors with speakers. The search results will display how many speakers and watts per speaker.

In the Sort by menu select Speaker(s) to order the projectors in descending order of projectors with the most speakers. To see a compressed version of the Speaker(s) results, click Hide Details.

Enjoy! If you have some suggestions on improving Feature Search, add your comment below.

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Posted Feb 22, 2011 7:17:18 PM

By Joe Dunfee

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I have referred other people here many times because of your very valuable resources.

The one think I always run into is the limitation of being able to only choose one resolution or contrast ratio. I would prefer the choice of contrast ratio be something like "1:1000 or higher." rather than just a limit.

Resolution is harder to do that sort of "or greater" thing. Perhaps a simpler way is to group some of the comparable resolutions. E.g. "HD720 OR WXGA".

Posted Feb 19, 2011 2:09:23 AM

By Marc

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For home cinema projectors, an interesting feature is the presence of audio out connectors, that replicate the audio content of the HDMI (or SCART) inputs. It helps a lot when the source does not have a separate audio output. So I would propose adding three fields : Audio out (RCA) / Audio out (Toslink) / Audio out (coax)

Posted Feb 18, 2011 8:27:48 AM

By Chris

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It would be nice to be able to search by the following: 1) USB-A and USB-B instead of just "USB" 2) Data over network vs. control over network instead of just "wired network" 3) drop the "street price" as those numbers are sometimes misleading. some of the folks that advertise appear to be non-autorized dealers offering 2nd inventory or sideways gear which throws the price off what a "new" or "a-stock" piece would really cost from an authroized dealer.

thank you...

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