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Upcoming reviews for next week

We have four reviews scheduled for publication next week, and one in particular will be of interest if you want low cost 1080p home theater...

The Acer H6510BD has full native 1920x1080 resolution and a 3000 lumen output rating for just $799. I mistakenly reported earlier that 3D was limited to PC sources, but it isn't. It is compatible with Blu-ray 3D and has 2D to 3D conversion. At a tiny 4.8 lbs it will be interesting to see how much fan noise it produces as a by-product of all that light. But this may end up being a hot seller for home entertainment due to the 1080p resolution at a super-friendly price. The review should be posted by Wednesday or so.

UPDATE: Due to internal issues that came up unexpectedly, the ACER H6510BD review is still in process. We expect to publish it Friday afternoon. EP (Wed, 4/10/13)

The Epson 436wi is not an ultra-short throw projector, but it is close, throwing a 92" diagonal image from about 3 feet. It is fully interactive and builds on the strengths we've seen in previous Epson interactive models. This review will be posted Monday.

Also coming up next week are two low price classroom models from BenQ, the MS517 (SVGA) and MW519 (WXGA). Extremely bright and excellent value for the price. These reviews will be posted Tuesday.

Evan Powell


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Posted Apr 12, 2013 4:01:44 PM

By Carlos

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Hi , I was Wondering if anyone thinks the acer h6510 or benq w1070 will be an upgrade over a Mitsubishi 4000hc, in terms of picture quality. I use the projector strictly for watching movies and really dont care for 3d?

Let me know Thanks!

Posted Apr 10, 2013 8:40:50 AM

By Ted Nunn

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How about a low cost shoot out? (Showing each projector's strengths, weaknesses and most suited applications)

Benq w1070, Acer 5610, Optoma hd25, Epson 3020, Panasonic 100, etc.

This would help address the needs of the NEW, emerging market of home entertainment projector buyers!!!

Thanks for the service that you provide!!!

Posted Apr 8, 2013 2:00:18 AM

By Philip

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When will you take a look at the new Optoma HD25.

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