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High End HT for Less

Optoma apparently thinks high-end home theater performance should be available for a lot less money. Their soon-to-be announced H76 is previewed here. This high resolution projector built around the phenomenal Mustang/HD2 DLP chip (1280x720) is expected to be released next week at a mere $5,999.more

Optoma Shaking Things Up

The back-to-back news from InFocus last week created a lot of email. The X1 price has dropped to a mere $999, and the Screenplay 4800 was announced at $1499. What's going on at InFocus? Read all about it.more

Projector Specs

If you are looking for a great little inexpensive DVD player that outputs DVI, then check out the V Bravo D1 review just posted yesterday. If you've got a projector with DVI input, this may be the least expensive way to get the best possible picture onto your screen.more

Home Theater Buyers Guide in Process

As many of you have noticed, the Buyer's Guide on this site is designed to orient the consumer to basic performance factors in projectors, such as lumen output, resolution, weight, and so on. For those buying for commercial or mobile use, this is often as much as they need.more